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How to add the Housing Address Book to the Desktop Client of Outlook

This is step-by-step guide on how to add the Housing Address Book to the desktop Client of Outlook after the Office 365 Migration.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook 2016
  2. From the "File" menu, open "Account Settings"
    Account Settings
  3. An Account Settings dialog window should appear. Click on your Housing email address and then click on the "Address Books" tab.
    Account Settings

  4. Then click on "New…" to add a new Address Book
    Add a New Address Book
  5. An "Add Account" window should appear. The default screen should have “Internet Directory Service (LDAP)” option selected. If not, please select this option and click "Next".
    LDAP Connection
  6. Here you will be asked for Server and Logon Information. Please fill out the fields as outlined below:
    1. For "Server Name", enter:
    2. For Logon Information click “This server requires me to log on” and “Require Secure Password Authentication” options. 
    3. You do NOT need to enter in a username and/or password.You may be prompted to authenticate with your campus credentials (NetID) via an SSO prompt.  
    4. Finally, click the “More Settings”button.
      Connection Settings
  7. Click "OK" or "Yes" on the “You must restart Outlook for these changes to take effect” pop-up.
  8. A Microsoft LDAP Directory Window will appear. Change the Display Name from “,” to “Housing Users” and then click on the "Search" tab.
    LDAP Connection Name
  9. At the bottom of the Search options screen select the “Enable Browsing” option.  Then click "Apply" and "OK".
    Search Settings
  10. You should be back at the screen below. Click "Next" to proceed. Then click "Finish".
    Add Account Screen
  11. Then you can close the Account Settings window and exit Outlook.
  12. Relaunch Outlook and then click on the "Address Book" button in the "Home" toolbar on the ribbon
    Address Book button
  13. Once the Address Book window is open, click on the "Tools" menu and then click "Options…" in the drop down menu.
    Options Menu
  14. Here you will see the Addressing window. It may or may not look like the one shown. It will give you options for what order email addresses should be checked when searching. 
  15. Select the "Custom" radio button and then highlight the “Housing Users” list option. 
  16. Using the arrow icons on the right side of the window, move “Housing Users” to the top of the list.
    Addressing Window
  17. Then, click the dropdown menu beneath the list and choose “Housing Users”. Then click OK.
    Addressing Drop Down
  18. Close the Address Book and reopen it. You should find that the Address Book drop down menu has “Housing Users – Other Address Books” as the default. This means you have successfully added the Housing address book and set it as default, as shown
    Final Step

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