How to Connect to ResNet

UW-Madison Housing ResNet requires each device to be registered in order to access the Internet. Note that connecting to wireless via UWNet and connecting via wired to ResNet are two different modes of connection. Therefore, each connection needs to be registered when first connecting. Though they do not have to both be registered if you plan to connect exclusively with either mode of connection. Just remember you will need to register your device again if you haven't already for either a wired or wireless connection. Follow the instructions on this page to get your devices connected.

For wireless connections see here.

You will need an unregistered laptop Help An unregistered laptop will have an IP address of 172.x.x.x when connected to ResNet.

Getting the IP address of a laptop:
Windows: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. Type ipconfig in the black window to get the IP address.
Macbook: Applications -> System Preferences -> Network. Your IP address will be displayed near the top right corner.

You can also check to see if the device is unregistered by trying to get to a website. If you are redirected to the UW-Madison Housing Registration Page, then you are connecting to ResNet through an unregistered device.
or device with a web browser to access the registration web page. If you are going to be using a wireless router, register the router first.

ResNet - Wired Connections Only

When you first connect to ResNet with an Ethernet cable oyou will receive a private IP address Help Here's a list of private addresses most commonly used:

10.x.x.x - 172.31.x.x

ResNet Wireless will issue you an IP address in the 172 range.
. Once you have connected and received an IP address from ResNet, open up a web browser and navigate to any webpage ( for instance). This will automatically navigate you to our registration page where you can register your devices. There will be three links towards the bottom (as shown below). Select whichever link is appropriate to you.


Wireless Routers
Game Consoles
Other Devices
Computers/Smart Phones/Tablets
Guest Registration

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