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Logging into a Local Account

Instructions for logging in to a device with a local user account.

Shared laptops and workstations within Housing sometimes are provisioned with a local user account. This is an account that is specific to that device and is intended to be used by various users. It loads much quicker than a user's full network profile and it also conserves local resources on the device (ex. storage). You can also use a local account on one device to Remote Desktop to your primary workstation (more on using Remote Desktop: Accessing Campus Network and Housing Workstation From Home )

Signing In as the Local Account

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to activate the Windows login screen
  2. If the last signed in user's account is already selected, choose "Other user" at the bottom left of the login screen
    Other User
  3. In the username field, enter ".\" followed by the username of the local account. Often, the local account sign-in information is printed on a sticker on the laptop
    Local Account Username
  4. Enter the password for the local account
  5. Press "Enter" to sign in to the computer. 


"There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request" 

This issue commonly occurs when the computer is not connected to the Internet. Ensure that the computer has an Internet connection and attempt to logon again. If you continue to encounter errors, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk

Correct credentials are provided, but still cannot sign in


Check which domain you are trying to sign in to. This is a common mistake that can lead users to believe that the account is not working. If you fail to enter ".\" before the local user account name, the "Sign in to:" below the password input box will read "HOUSING". This is incorrect if you are trying to sign in to the local account. For local logons, the "Sign in to:" domain should be the name of the workstation (or sometimes ".\"). 

This can also occur if the the local account was inadvertently disabled or deleted. Contact the Technology Services Help Desk for assistance in restoring access to the local user account.


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