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HR - Search for Existing Person in EPM

This process is used to check if a person exists within EPM prior to hiring them into a position or job.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Searching for an existing person in EPM
Audience: HR Administrators
Overarching Process: Hire/Rehire
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General Description

This user procedure provides detailed information and instructions on how to search for people in EPM. HR Administrators are required to check EPM prior to entering any new person as an applicant, Employee, or a Person Of Interest. This will determine if the person, intended for entry, already has a record within the Peoplesoft EPM System and will prevent the entry of duplicate Person Record Numbers and/or Empl_ID's.

Procedure Steps

Navigate to the EPM System by either clicking on the following URL:

or you can Navigate to EPM by clicking the hyperlink found at the bottom of the left menu in HRS:

Navigation: EPM Reports > HR Reports > UW_PERSON_LOOKUP     OR     UW_PERSON_NS_LOOKUP

  1. UW_HR_PERSON_LOOKUP (displays sensitive data)
  2. UW_HR_PERSON_NS_LOOKUP (does not display senstive data).

    • Note: National ID (Social Security Number) is not displayed.

  3. Enter the following data you have for the Person you are searching for:
    • Date of Birth 
    • Social Security Number 

  4. Click the Search button.
(NOTE:  for best results, search by DOB and social security number only - other criteria may not return accurate results)

UW Person Lookup

EPM Pers Data

Person Information and most recent job information for each Empl Rcd will appear on the display page. (NOTE: depending on which Person Lookup Type is used, search results will display sensitive data such as SSN.)

  1. If Person information is not found, proceed with Search for Matching Persons in HRS.
  2. If person and job information appears, continue with HR - Modify Person Data , HR - Rehiring an Employee , HR - Add a Concurrent Job (Non-Madison)  or HR - Maintain Workforce - Transfers as appropriate.
  3. If only Person information with no job information appears, make a note of the EmplID.  Search for Matching Persons in HRS to determine if this person is in HRS as a POI or if this person was employed prior to the implementation of HRS.  If person is not found in HRS, continue with HR - Add a Person using this EmplID.  If the person is found in HRS as a POI, continue with HR - Add a Concurrent Job (Non-Madison) .

In the example above, the employee is either a Person of Interest (POI) or was employed prior to the implementation of HRS.  A Search for Matching Persons in HRS must be done to determine which this is.

UW Person NS Lookup

In this example below, the employee does exist in HRS. Job Information section is filled and see that the status is "Active".  This person has an active job in HRS and the information should be reviewed for accuracy.

EPM Pers Data NS


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