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HR - Position Status Report (SQR Report)

POS001 generates a Position Status Report to reflect all filled and vacant positions by department.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: SQR Report
Audience: HR Professionals
Overarching Process: Maintain Position Data
Navigation: HR Reports > Position Status Report
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Report Description

This report provides the types of positions in the organization, and lists all filled and vacant positions.

Business Need

UW system-wide human resource and administrative personnel require data provided by this report to assist in the tracking of position information to assist in organizational planning. It will also be used in the recruitment process to determine the final status of position changes and position transactions.

To Run the Report

  1. Log into HRS
  2. UW HR Reports > Position Status Report
  3. Enter As of Date
  4. Enter Department ID
  5. Enter Job Code
  6. Enter Position Status
  7. Enter Employee Class

Report Output

This process produces a PDF Report of positions within an organization and lists all filled and vacant positions by department.

Fields on the report include: Dept ID, Job Code, Position Nbr, Effective Date, Position Title, Reg/Temp, Position Status, Status Date, Open Positions, Internal Posting Date, Internal Expiration Date, External Posting Date, External Expiration Date, Incumbent Name

Procedure Steps

  1. Navigate to UW HR Reports > Position Status Report.

  2. Navigate to Position Status Report

  3. Enter a value for the Run Control ID on the Find an Existing Value tab and click the Search button. Select the Run Control ID that you wish to use to run this report.
  • A Run Control ID is the name assigned to parameters for a report. The Run Control ID saves report parameter settings used for running the report and can be re-used the next time the report is run.

  • DO NOT use spaces in run control names.

  • Enter a Run Control ID

  • If you do not have a Run Control ID, you can create a new one. Click on the Add a New Value tab. Enter a new Run Control ID and click the Add button.

  • Create a new Run Control ID

  • Once the Run Control ID is selected or created, enter the Report Request Parameters.
    1. As Of Date field: Enter the start date or use default date (today’s date). This field is required.

    2. Department field: Enter department ID (e.g. B%, B48%, B4833%. To select a specific department, click on the search.png icon) or leave it blank (selects all departments).
    3. Job Code field: Enter the job code (e.g. 00560) or click on the search.png icon to select from the list.

    4. Position Status field: Enter the position status (Approved, Frozen, Proposed)
    5. Empl Class check list: Click the button.png button to check the employee classes you want to include or use the default (all).

    6. Enter report request parameters

  • Once the parameters are entered, click the Run button.

  • Click on Run

  • On the Process Scheduler Request screen, select "PSUNX" as the Server Name. Leave Type and Format as "Web" and "PDF" respectively. Click the OK button to run the report.

  • Process Scheduler Request

  • Click on the Process Monitor hyperlink to view the status of the report.

  • Click Process Monitor

  • Monitor the Run Status and Distribution Status fields. Once the Distribution Status field changes to Posted, click on the Details hyperlink.

  • Monitor Run and Distribution Status

  • To view the report output, click on the View Log/Trace hyperlink on the Process Detail screen.

  • View Report Output

  • Click on the PDF file under the File List header to view the report output.

  • Select PDF File

  • The report output will display like the image below.
    • In this case, the parameters selected were As of Date 10/12/2011 so all positions that are out there as of 10/12/2011. Department, Job Code, and Position Status were all blank so all departments, job codes, and position statuses were selected. Empl Class’s "All" check box was checked so all employee classes were selected.

    • Report output

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