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HRS Training - How to View Person Data

If you are responsible for verifying changes to an employee's personal information (e.g. name, address, phone changes), you need to know where to locate the information that has been updated. This job aid describes how to search and locate employee personal information. (NOTE: this document is for VIEWING information only; NOT for making changes to employee person information.)

To view personal information about an employee (for example address, SSN, phone numbers etc), go to: 

Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person

Note: when changes need to be made to an employee's personal or contact information, the employee may use Self-Service and make some changes independently. There are 2 forms that are also used to request/enter changes for an employee:
  • The Change a Person form may be used to request changes when an employee cannot make the change needed. 
  • The Employee Self-Identification Form is used by the employee to enter ethnicity, disability and veterans' status, and other confidential personal information.
To access the forms, go to the UW Service Center ADMINISTRATION page and choose Human Resources, and then select the appropriate form from the list provided. 

(Remember that an employee's job data is not included in the person pages. Please see the related documents listed at the end of this topic for how to view job and position data.)

This document covers how to:

Search for a Person

1. To search for a person, go to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person.


2. Enter the employee's name or employee ID (Empl ID).

Searching Tips:

  • You can change the dropdown to "contains" or leave it with the default "begins with".
  • You may enter part of a name and use the wildcard %. For example if you enter S% in the (first) Name field, the search results would display SAMANTHA NELSON, SAMUEL NELSON, SONIA NELSON, SUSAN NELSON... as well as SVEN NELSON.
  • We are not using the Alternate Character Name field.

If there is more than one search result, you will see a list and you can choose a name to look at. If there is only one match for the search you entered, the Person Information pages will appear with tabs across the top of the page. 

Tips for viewing data:

  • If there is more than one "row" or page of data, you can navigate between the rows by clicking the little arrows. (Sometimes you may see an option to View All.)
  • You may need to click the buttons to Include History or Update/Display at the bottom of the page.



View Biographical Details

On the Biographical Details tab, you may view Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, and National ID/SSN. 

The left side of the table shows the form; on the right side of the table is a screen shot of the page where you can view the changes. Keep in mind, PeopleSoft HRS has fields that we are not always using or that display information that defaults in, based on data that is entered in other fields. Outlined fields (below) are the ones on this page that are most often changed and need verification.

 Change a Person form > Biographical Details
Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person>
Biographical Details tab


Employee ID = Person ID

When a person is added to HRS (before you Save), the Person ID appears as "NEW". When the data is saved, HRS automatically assigns a unique number and becomes the EmplID. If this person existed in legacy, the EmplID will be their legacy Person ID.
Effective Date (top one on the page in the Name section)  

It should be the current date or the start date of the job, whichever is earlier. This is the date this person is added into HRS. It does not have to match the hire date, which may be later. You cannot use a date in the future when you add a person; you CAN use a future date for the hire date however.
Format Type
Defaults to English
Display Name

Names should be entered in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Although HRS allows  mixed case letters for entering names and other information, for consistency, capital letters should always be used for names.
  • The middle name or initial should be entered, if you have it
  • Prefix (Dr., Ms.) and Suffix are optional (Jr.)


Date of Birth

Benefits will use the Date of Birth to determine rates for various insurance programs. A person may be hired without a birth date, but it must be entered later.
Birth Country
Not required/used
Birth State
Not required/used
Birth Location
Not required/used
Waive Data Protection
This is not being used; there's another field on the next tab to Release Home Information.
Gender This is a required field; Male, Female and Unknown are all acceptable values.
Highest Education Level

Sometimes required fields - with the asterisk - may have default values that don't require a change, for example, this field may be left with the default data. UWSA is NOT using this field for tracking degrees; that occurs in a different area of HRS (used primarily for faculty).
Marital Status

Enter Marital Status if you know it. The Benefits module also has marital status fields; data flows both ways. If there is a change in status, the employee must report the change in marital or domestic partnership status to their Institution Benefits Office within 30 days of the event. This event could impact their opportunity to change benefit plans or enroll in benefits plans.
Language Code
Not required/used
Alternate ID Not required/used
Full-Time Student Employee Not required/used
National ID (Social Security Number)
Social Security Number (SSN) is the default for National ID Type (NID). There are several other options available as well (Individual Tax ID Number; UW Medical Foundation, and UW Reporting ID.) If the NID/SSN is not available when you initially add a person, just leave the field blank. If you don't enter a SSN, when it saves the record it will default XXX-XX-XXXX into this field and the number may be updated later. The best practice is to enter this whenever you do have it.


View Contact Information

 Change a Person form > Contact Information Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person>
Contact Information tab

Release Home Information

The default is No. Check this box if the person you are adding has elected to release their home info (e.g. for the directory). (Do not use the ‘Waive Data Protection’ field located on the previous tab.)
Current Addresses

The employee's address, phone and email appear on the Contact Information tab. Multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses may appear. If there is more than one address or phone number, one will be checked as the "Preferred".  In the Current Addresses section, click View Address Detail to view address history. 
Phone Information Multiple phone numbers may be listed. 
Email Addresses The Business email address is auto-populated and should not require changes.


View UW Personal Information

 Change a Person form > UW Personal Information Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person> UW Personal tab



NOTES: There are 2 versions of this tab, based on security. See the other version, further down on this page.


Adjusted Continuous Service Date = Adj Cont Svc Dt

The Adjusted Continuous Service Date is used for Classified Permanent and Classified Project employees. In some instances, a classified employee may have had a break in service. There is an online seniority calculator from OSER that determines the Adjusted Continuous Service Date. This is seniority date minus breaks in service, as defined by the UW and State of Wisconsin policies. This date was converted from IADS for people who already had this in their employee record. It can be manually entered when needed.

Foreign National Working Outside US / Working Inside US
If you are hiring a foreign national, you can check the Foreign Nat Working Outside US/Inside US box as needed.
Selective Service

Selective Service needs to be completed in some cases; Selective Service registration is required for all males between 18-25 years who are hired for classified jobs as well as several other kinds of jobs.
  • 1 = Not 18 - 25 years of age
  • 2 = Non-immigrant alien lawfully admitted to USA
  • 3 = Member of Armed Forces on active duty
  • 4 = Citizen of Micronesia, Marshal Islands or Palau
  • F = Female
  • R = Registered
Visa Information

For more information, refer to HRS Payroll - Maintaining an Employee's Foreign National Information

  Go to: Workforce Administration> Personal Information> Citizenship


Depending on your security, you may see several more State of Wisconsin Additional Fields (Disabled and Veterans) on the UW Personal tab. That information comes from a different form, the Employee Self-Identification Form.



View the Regional Tab

(This tab may NOT be visible, depending on your security and your role in HRS)

 Employee Self-Identification Form > Ethnicity & Heritage Code
Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person>
Regional tab

Ethnic Group

This field is important for regulatory reporting. New employees will be asked to self-identify on a form they complete when they are hired.
  • You can enter one or more than one ethnic group.
  • Click the View All link to see both rows.
  • Do NOT choose a Primary ethnicity - leave the check boxes blank.
History section
Eligible to Work in US should be checked by default.

The Citizenship fields will be populated by the Glacier interface during the hiring of a foreign national, however data may be entered directly into these fields.

Military Status - not using this field (see UW Personal tab)

Smoker History fields
Not using this section.

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