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FN - Run No Appointment Level Funding Report

The No Appointment Level Funding Report should be run for your particular campus, division or department after each nightly preliminary payroll calculation (e.g. Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning) of a payroll processing week. It should also be run late in the day on the day of a final payroll calc. The No Appointment Level Funding Report displays the names of new or existing employees that do not have funding properly set up in PeopleSoft HRS for payments being made in the current Pay Run ID. Funding for any employees listed on the report should be entered by the end of the day of the final calc day.

The query results display employees who have calculated pay, but are missing Appointment level funding for all of their pay. In the absence of either Appointment or Position-level funding, the salary expense will be distributed to Department-level funding or PRSUSP (Payroll Suspense) Funding. Funding should be added by the end of the day of the final payroll cal for any employee whose name is listed on the report.

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HRS Security Role Required to Run this Query:  FI Campus User Funding Reports

Information Needed for this QueryCampus alpha code identifier.

Run the No Appointment Level Funding Query 

1. From the HRS Main Menu, use navigation path: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.



2. In the Query Viewer search screen:
    a. The Search By: field defaults to Query Name.  Leave as is.
    b. The begins with field is blank. Enter all or part of the query name (e.g.  UW_FI_NO_APPT_LVL_FUNDING).
    c. Click the Search button.


3. The Search Results displays query names beginning with UW_FI_NO_APPT.   (See screenshot below).


    a. You can produce the query results in either HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format or to an Excel spreadsheet.

    b. Other options are to schedule the query to run at a specific time, or to add the query to your Favorites list.

Tip:  To save time locating and running the No Appt-Level Funding Report, click the Favorite hyperlink under the Add to Favorites column, in the Search Results area to create a list of My Favorite Queries.

4. In the Query Viewer, Search Results screen, locate the query UW_FI_NO_APPT_LVL_FUNDING (No Appt-Level Funding Report), and click the HTML link to run the query results in a new browser window/tab.

 Running the query

5. The UW_FI_NO_APPT_LVL_FUNDING - No Appt-Level Funding Report new window/tab opens, and lists three required search fields (Pay Run ID, Fiscal Year, Org Dept).

    a.  In the Pay Run ID required field, enter the Pay Run ID for the payroll in calc (e.g. 2014BW01A).  The Pay Run ID must be in ALL CAPS. It is recommended to click on the look up icon 20889LookUpIcon.png to choose from a list of valid Pay Run IDs.

Note: Pay Run IDs begin with the 4-digit calendar year, then either BW for biweekly or UNC for Unclassified, Monthly, then the 2-digit month; if biweekly, an alpha code A, B, or C represents the first, second or third biweekly payroll of the month.

Reference: For a list of Pay Run IDs, refer to the Calendars and Schedules Page, click on the 20XX UW Employee Payroll Calendar.

IMPORTANT:  In order to return query results, a preliminary payroll calc must have been run for the specified Pay Run ID.

b. In the Fiscal Year required field, enter the four digit fiscal year.

c. In the Org Dept required field (Organizational Dept -- also known as appointing dept or major dept), enter all or part of the 7-character Org Dept which starts with your campus alpha identifier (e.g. A961120). If a partial Org Dept is entered, you must use the percent character % as a wildcard (e.g. A96% or A961%). 
Note: You can also enter  %  to run for all departments at all campuses

d. To view the query results, click the View Results button.  null

Note:  If you receive the message, "No matching values were found", one of three conditions has occurred:
    (1) You neglected to enter information in all three required search fields (Pay Run ID, Fiscal Year, Org Dept), or the Pay Run ID was not entered in ALL CAPS
    (2) Your HRS Security access does not allow you to view query results.
    (3) Your campus, division, department does not have any employees who are missing either Appointment-level funding or Position-level funding for all or part of their pay period.  No further action is needed.

Query Results

Example of Query Results

Interpret the Query Results
  1. Review the funding entry for each employee listed in the report
  2. Use Review Paycheck to review payments that are being made for former employees listed in the report and make appropriate funding entries.

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