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HR - FMLA/WFMLA Eligibility Report


The FMLA/WFMLA Eligibility report accumulates and totals an employee's worked hours and leave hours to help you determine eligibility for leave covered by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or the Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Act (WFMLA).


  • WFMLA Eligibility:
    • The employee must have worked for the State for at least 52 consecutive weeks.
    • The employee must have worked for the State for at least 1,000 hours during the 52-week period preceding beginning of the leave. You may include vacation, sick leave and other paid leave taken to count to the minimum 1,000 hours.
  • FMLA Eligibility:
    • The employee must have worked for the State for at least 12 months (need not be consecutive).
    • The employee must have worked for the State for at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period preceding the beginning of the leave. Count only actual hours worked (no paid or unpaid leave can be used to determine eligibility).
  • Report Details:
    • Eligible Empl Classes: The report accumulates eligible hours for all eligible Empl Classes. Empl Classes SA1 (Student Asst Stipends), ET2 (Employee in Training Stipends), and ET4 (Grad Intern/Trainee) are not eligible for FMLA/WFMLA and are not included.
    • Eligible hours are included from confirmed payrolls for the year prior to the As of Date.
    • Biweekly Worked Hours (TRC codes*): 'REG00', 'REG01', 'ALTWK', 'OJCFT', 'OT100', 'OT150', 'OT200', 'OTSHR', 'MLP30', 'MLPD4', 'MLWOP', 'MWOP4', 'PRDEV', 'CT100', 'CT150', 'CT200', 'ECT10', 'ECT15', 'EOT10', 'EOT15', 'HOLWK', 'HWCRF', AND 'K9OT1'.
    • Biweekly Leave Hours (TRC codes*):  'VACTN', 'AHRSL' (FA/AS/LI hourly sick leave), 'PSHOL', 'SABBA', 'LGHOL', 'JRYDT', 'SCKLV', 'CATLV', 'PSHPB', 'UWORK', AND 'VACPB'.
    • Monthly Worked Hours: For each Monday-Friday in the pay period, 8 hours multiplied by the FTE in effect on that day, less any hours associated with leave codes and the 'LWP' earnings code, and rounded to two decimal places.
    • Monthly Leave Hours (Absence Codes): 'UWS U ALRA TAKE', 'UWS U CAT TAKE', 'UWS U LH TAKE', 'UWS U PH TAKE', 'UWS U SL TAKE', 'UWS U VN TAKE', 'UWS U JRY TAKE', 'UWS U ML30 TAKE', 'UWS U ML30 ND TAKE', 'UWS U ML4 TAKE', 'UWS U ML4 ND TAKE'. ("ML" indicates a Military Leave absence).
  • For description of the codes used for the biweekly worked hours and leave hours, see: TL - Time Reporting Codes Overview 
  • The role needed to access this report is UW HR Reports
  • Information the FMLA/WFMLA Eligibility Report does not include:
    • Worked Hours for pay periods which have not been confirmed. These hours must be added manually to the total.
    • Worked Hours associated with additional pay amounts or with payline adjustments. These hours must be added manually to the total.
    • Worked Hours for "L" Pay Basis jobs. All hours worked by employees paid on lump sum ("L") basis must be included when determining FMLA eligibility. You must manually add the number of hours worked in an L-pay basis job to the total in the FMLA/WFMLA Eligibility Report.
    • Current month leave reports. Month leave reports are typically entered a month in arrears, although those using employee self-service may be entered for the current pay period. Hours worked and leave hours may need to be adjusted manually.
    • Information that is more than one year old. To be eligible for FMLA, an employee must work for 12 months for the State but the 12 months do not have to be consecutive. If an employee has not worked for the UW for the past 12 months, you will need to determine if the employee has ever worked for a total of 12 months for the State.
    • Information from employment at other State agencies. The State is considered one employer for FMLA/WFMLA eligibility purposes. If the employee has worked for the UW for less than 12 months, you will need to manually include hours worked at another State agency.
  • Before approving or denying a FMLA/WFMLA request:
    • Review the eligibility report and information above to ensure the decision to approve or deny is correct.
    • Review the UW System FMLA Website and provide the appropriate paperwork to the employee.
  • **NOTE:The State and the UW are considered one employer for FMLA/WFMLA eligibility purposes.


  1. Navigate to: UW HR Reports > FMLA/WFMLA Eligibility Report
  2. Enter or create a Run Control ID. See PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs.

  3. Once the Run Control ID is selected or created, enter the Report Request Parameters:

    1. Enter the Empl ID (8 digits)
    2. Enter the start date for the FMLA request as the As of Date

    3. Click the Run button.
  4. 92reportparameters.jpg

  5. Leave Type and Format as "Web" and "PDF" respectively. Click the OKbutton to run the report.
  6. 92processscheduler.jpg

  7. Use Process Monitor and View Trace/Log to monitor the the status and view the report. See PD - Viewing the Process Monitor

  8. Click on the PDF file under the File List to view the report output in Excel format:
    1. FMLA ELIGIBLE SUMMARY (empl ID) (name) displays and totals the work hours and leave hours by pay period (monthly) and by week (biweekly).

    2. FMLA ELIGIBLE DETAIL (empl ID) (name) displays the leave hours by date (monthly and biweekly) and work hours by date (biweekly).
  9. The report output will appear in the format below. Column widths may need to be adjusted to display the values.

    • Hours Worked: Use to determine FMLA eligibility

    • Total HRS: Use to determine WFMLA eligibility

Sample of Report Output Summary




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