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HR - Performance Management Individual Document Creation


This document provides instruction on how to create individual performance documents per Empl ID/Empl Rcd combination from the Performance Management module in HRS.


  • Only one document can be created for each Empl ID/Empl Rcd/Document Type combination during each evaluation period
  • Performance Documents are intended for an employee's annual evaluation; Development Documents are intended for an employee's probation evaluation
  • The UW_UNV_HR_EPERF_ADMIN security role is required to perform the procedures steps below


Create Documents

1. Navigate to: Workforce Development > Performance Management > Performance Documents > Create Document
2. Enter the Run Control, for additional information see KB PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs.

3. Enter the Performance Period Begin and End Date.
NOTE: the annual evaluation period begin and end dates are always the dates used when creating Performance Documents, regardless of the employee's start date.
4. Select the Document Type.

5. Select the Template ID.

6. Select the Employee ID radio button.

7. Enter the Empl ID and click tab.

The system defaults to Empl Rcd 0; click the magnifying glass to select the appropriate Empl Rcd.

8. Verify that the correct employee is shown.

9. Click the plus sign to add additional employees that need a document with the same dates, Document Type and Template ID.

10. Click Run to start the document creation.

11. Use the Process Monitor to track when documents are created, for additional information see KB PD - Viewing the Process Monitor.

 Create Document Replace

Verify Document Creation

1. Navigate to: Workforce Development > Performance Management > View Document Creation Results

2. Enter the Run Control used to create the documents (step 2 above).

3. Click Search.

4. Results will appear and identify if documents were successfully created or not.

5. For documents not successfully created, review the status column for reason, fix if possible and try to create document again.
NOTE: most common reasons for documents failing to be created:
  • No Reports To or Reports To is inactive.
  • Employee is not active during the evaluation period.
  • Active document already exists for that evaluation period.

View document creation results


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