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Employees covered by the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) will automatically have a record added to their WRS Accumulator Table for each payroll period in which they receive WRS eligible Hours and Earnings. This KB will provide you with information on how to read the WRS Accumulator Table.


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1.  Navigate to Benefits > Reports > Regulatory and Compliance > WRS Accumulator Table > enter the Employee's ID number and click Search.

Upd. Search Page

2.  The employee's WRS Accumulator Table will display.  The headers will consist of the following fields that identify the employee:

Upd. Display

3.  Individual data will be displayed in the following fields:

Upd. MidPR

9.2 Man ADD

  • MANSUB for any manual subtractions.

Upd. Man Sub

4.  Entries made on the WRS Accumulator Table will have the following date fields populated. 

Upd. Header 1

5.  UWSC personnel can make adjustments to Earnings, Service Hours, Lump Sum Hours using the following fields:

Upd. Header 1

6.  Benefits Administrators can export the information from the WRS Accumulator Table to Excel by clicking on the download icon shown below:

Upd. Run to Excel

7.  A pop up box will appear giving you the option to open or save the file.  The default setting will be to open the file.

Download to Excel 2

8.  When you open the file you may see a soft warning like the one shown below depending on the version of Excel you are using.  Click the YES button to continue to open the file.

Download to Excel 3

9.  An Excel version of the WRS Accumulator Table for the employee will open.  (An example is shown below.) This format will allow you to sort data and add columns if you want to predict when an employee is likely to reach the required threshold or verify that the employee has in fact attained the requisite hourly/earnings requirements for WRS Lookback.

Download to Excel 4


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