TL - TA Status and Earliest Change Date


The Time Reporter Status consists of the TA_STATUS and the Earliest Change Date (ECD). Time Administration (TA) uses the TA_STATUS and ECD to determine which Time Reporters to process. The most common reason an employee is not selected by TA for processing is because the TA_STATUS and/or the ECD is not set correctly. In order to be processed by TA, the TA_STATUS must be set to 'Y' and the ECD must be less than or equal to the process date on the Time Admin Process page.


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To look up the Time Reporter Status for an employee or group, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Time Reporter Status page: Time and Labor>View Time>Time Reporters Status.

  2. To retrieve the status of one employee at a time, enter the Empl_ID.
  3. Click GET Employees button.
  4. To retrieve the status for multiple employees in a group, use the Group_ID field.
  5. Enter a Group_ID.
  6. Click the GET Employees button.

The Earliest Change Date: The earliest addition or update to time related data for a time reporter since the last Time Admin run.

TA Status: 

Not Up For Processing: The time reporter is not ready for processing by the Time Admin job.
Up For Processing: The time reporter is ready for processing by the Time Admin job.
In Process: The time reporter is being processed by the Time Admin job.

Time Reporter Status Maintenance: Timesheet and Time Administration


The Time Reporter Status is set by the timesheet when time is reported or changed. Its also set by the Time Admin process. Both applications maintain the Time Reporter Status based on the employee type. At the UW there are two types of employees: exception and positive pay.

An example of how the Time Reporter Status would be updated:  Time is changed for employee 12345678 on 10/01/2010, 10/10/2010 and 11/01/2010. The Time Reporter Status would be set to TA_STATUS = 'Up For Processing', ECD = '10/01/2010'.


When Time Admin starts processing Reported Time, it changes the TA_STATUS to 'Not Up For Processing'.  The Time Admin process can be run by more than one person at a time.  This setting makes sure that Reported Time transactions are processed by one Time Admin process at a time. Once the TA_STATUS is set to 'Not Up For Processing', other instances of Time Admin will not try to process the same employee.

At the end of the processing cycle, Time Admin initializes both the TA_STATUS and ECD depending on the type of employee.

If the reported time is processed successfully, the TA_STATUS is reset to 'Not Up For Processing' for Positive Pay Time Reporters. For the Exception Time Reporter, the TA_STATUS is not changed.  It remains set to 'Up For Processing'.  For both types of Time Reporters, the ECD to set to the beginning of the next time period.

If an exception is generated for Reported Time, the TA_STATUS is set to 'Up For Processing' and the ECD remains the same. This ensures the exception is reprocessed each time Time Admin runs and allows the Time Admin process to check to see if modifications to the Reported Time will clear the exception.


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