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Within the job pages, in the HR module, the Compensation tab lists the compensation rate used to calculate pay correctly. The comp rate code is NAHRLY (North American Hourly) for hourly employees and NAANNL (North American Annual) for all others. On this tab, there are two frequencies listed. Each frequency serves a different purpose. The top frequency drives the monthly (A) annual, (9M) academic-year or (H) biweekly rate and the bottom frequency shows H for NARHRLY (North American Hourly) and (A) NAANNL (North American Annual). It is important to select the correct combination of bottom and top frequencies to ensure that the gross salary is correct.

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Clicking on "Default Pay Components" on the Compensation tab will default the Comp Rate and bottom Frequency when the employee is initially hired, but will only default the top Frequency correctly (to H) when the Comp Rate = NAHRLY.   Best practice is to verify the Comp Rate and both Frequency codes.

Pay Basis Definitions
  • A: Annual or 12 month employee
  • C: Academic year or 9 month
  • H: Hourly
  • L: Lump sum, no FTE, i.e., .00025
  • N: None (cannot be paid)
  • S: Summer session (teaching)
  • V: Summer service (research)

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