HR - Maintain UW Relationships


This procedure provides instruction on how to enter the varying UW Relationship information in PeopleSoft. Relationships include Governance, Assistant Prof Check-Ins, and Post Tenure Reviews.

Joint governance allows a faculty member to participate in the governance of a department (in addition to the tenure department) without having a tenure relationship with that department. The two types of joint governance are: Joint Executive and Joint Department. An affiliation allows a faculty member to be associated with a department without governance rights or a continuing departmental commitment. Affiliations may be granted by the departmental executive committee only to probationary and tenured faculty and only for fixed terms.

You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


1. Navigate to Workforce Development > Faculty Events > Calculate Tenure > UW Relationships

2. Find the employee (search by EmplID or name).

3. Add/Modify a new Relationship by adding the Department, type of UW Relationship, associated Action/Relationship, Begin and End Date

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