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This procedure explains the process to store and maintain contract dates for employees. Some positions and jobs have contractual periods beyond one fiscal year and are not tracked with an Expected Job End Date (EJED). Some positions that may use the Contract Administration pages include the initial review period for Tenure Track Faculty, Multiple Year or Fixed Renewable employees who have a Guaranteed Length of job.


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  1. Follow steps to add hire an employee

  2. On the Job Information Tab, click on "Next Contract Number" to assign a contract to the person in the job.

  3. The UW Custom Tab will display the Contract Type and Guaranteed Length for this job.
  4. Click to Save Job Data, a warning message will appear

  5. Click OK to continue to Save.
  6. Go to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Contract Administration>Update Contracts.

  7. On the Contract Status/Content complete the following fields: Contract Expected End Date; Contract Content (include the position number for quick identification purposes).


  8. Go to the Contract Type/Clauses Tab and select the Contract Type (LI, FA, AS, OT). Then click "Save".


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