UWSC Support - Logging into the My.Wisconsin.edu / My.Wisc.edu System Portal


This document shows how to log into the My UW System Portal.

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To log in to the My UW System Portal:

  1. Click or cut/paste My.Wisconsin Portal into your internet browser's address bar (https://my.wisconsin.edu/).

    **Note: UW Madison users should go to the MyUW Portal (https://my.wisc.edu).

  2. On the Select Organization page, click on Select Organization down-list arrow to select your institution.  
  3. Select Your Campus

    **Note: You may choose to click the checkbox to remember campus selection so you do not have to select your institution the next time that you reach this web page.

    Click checkbox

  4. Click the Go button or press Enter.

  5. You will be taken to your institution's login page where you will enter your user credentials.

  6. Login Screen
    Click Login.

  7. You are now logged into the My UW System Portal.
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