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HR - Correcting FLSA Status for FA/AS/LI Hourly Employees


This document identifies how to correct the FLSA status for FA/AS/LI hourly employees. These employees are paid for the hours worked as recorded through the Time & Labor system.

The FLSA status in HRS is defined on the Job Code table. For FA/AS/LI Job Codes, the default FLSA status is EXEMPT. The Pay Basis for the majority of FA/AS/LI employees is either Annual or Academic. In a limited number of cases, it is appropriate to pay these employees using an hourly Pay Basis. The FLSA status will default to EXEMPT when the job code on the position is entered. For FA/AS/LI hourly, the FLSA status needs to be changed to NON-EXEMPT on the Position and then on the Job.


  • The FLSA status needs to be changed on the Position. Changing the FLSA status will require Correction access to the Position Data Page. If the FLSA status is changed only on the job data row using correction instead of on the position, the Time and Labor enrollment process will not pick up the employee.
  • If there are rows added to the Job Data page after the initial row with the incorrect FLSA value, these rows will also need to be updated with the correct value.
  • If the Job Code is changed, the FLSA Status will reset to the default value and must be changed again, if appropriate.
  • You can run the FA/AS/LI Hourly Audit Report to see which employees need to be changed.  See HR - FA/AS/LI Hourly FLSA Exempt Audit Report .


  1. Navigate to Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info. Using Correct History, change the FLSA status to NON-EXEMPT. (Because this change is made in correction mode, the incumbent job data record will not be updated.)

  2. On the first tab "Description" click on the USA flag at the bottom of the page to view the FLSA Status field. Click on the drop down and select Non-Exempt.

  3. Save.

  4. Navigate to the Job Data Page: Workforce Management > Job Information > Job Data , search for the employee and select Include History. On the Work Location tab NOTE the Effective Date of the hire row which should contain the position number being corrected.

  5. Click the plus button to add a new row. Enter the Effective Date of the original row.  Enter "1" as the Effective Sequence.  (If there already are additional Job Data rows entered, the Effective Sequence number on the new row must be one number higher than the latest row's Effective Sequence number.)  Select the Action of "Position Change" and the Reason of "Change FLSA Status."

  6. Highlight the position number and cut the value (Crtl X), then use the Tab key to tab out of the field.

  7. This will "open" all the fields related to the position on the Job Data page as shown on the Work Location and Job Information tabs.

  8. Click in the Position Number field and Paste (Ctrl V) the position number back into the field.

  9. Tab out of the Position Number field using the Tab key. The new position values are refreshed as shown below on the Work Location and Job Information tabs.

  10. Save.


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