HR - Probationary Employees


This document provides a listing of employee classes and the valid probation types for each empl class. It also shows where the probation type and end date are entered on the job data page.

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Valid Probation Types by Employee Class and Continuity Status:

The probation type is in HRS on the Job Data page, UW Custom tab. (Menu navigation is: Workforce Administration >Job Information > Job Data.) When the employee is hired, the fields for Probation Type and Probation End Date are required to save the job record.
Note: If there is no probation, select Not Required, and leave the Probation End Date field blank.

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The probation report will provide information on those employees on probation so that their status can be reviewed.
See HR - UW Probation Report (SQR Report). If the probation end date needs to be extended, see HR - Probation Change - Extension.


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