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HR Representatives will receive potential student hire information through the Student Smart HR Template Hire workflow from institutional department representatives. Prior to the hire approval, HR Staff will need to check HRS for potential matches before adding the person and hiring them into a Job. Whether the person is new or currently in HRS determines if the action of the HR Representative will be Add New Person / Hire OR Add an Employment Instance OR Rehire.

HR Staff will also review all Personal and Hiring/Job Data and correct, if necessary. HR Staff will have the ability to deny/reject hires. These will appear on the Student Template Hire Status that the institutional department representatives will be monitoring.


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Approve Student Hire

  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Manage Hires

  2. Enter a date range into the two date fields


  3. Click the Refresh button
  4. A list of students submitted to HR for approval will appear.


  5. To begin approval process, click the name of the student
  6. Click the Search for Matching Persons link


  7. A list of possible matches will appear. If no match is found click the link Not a Match – Continue with Hire


  8. If no match is found, click the Add Personal Data button.

  9. See HR - Student Help - Add a Person for information to review on the Personal Data Biographical Details tab, Contact Information tab, Regional tab, and UW Personal tab.

  10. On the Organizational Relationship Tab, click the check box for Employee.


  11. Click the Add the Relationship button
  12. Verify the data fields for Job: Work Location tab, Job Information tab, Compensation tab, UW Custom tab. See HR - Student Help - Hire into a Job or Transfer.

  13. Click the OK button to Save
  14. Review the Manage Hire page to see if person hired has been removed from the waiting for approval page

REJECT a Submitted Hire

  1. Click the check box on the Manage Hire page
  2. Click the Cancel Selected Transaction button


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Review Manage Hires Errors

  1. Click the drop down for *Select Transactions Where: and select Status


  2. Select Error from the *Equals: drop down list to only view transactions with the status of Error. Click the Refresh button.

  3. Click the Select All button at the bottom of the screen. This will enter a check in all the check boxes shown.

  4. Click the Cancel Selected Transactions button. You will receive a message to confirm or cancel.

  5. Click the OK button to return back to the Manage Hires page. The records in error are removed from Manage Hire.
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Correct a transaction with a status of error

  1. Go to Manage Hires and click the erroneous transaction

  2. Click View Errors and you will then be taken to the list of errors.

    Manage Hire Error

  3. In this case, a required phone number is missing.  Click Return to Manage Hires Details link.

    Manage Hire Error Text

  4. After returning to the Manage Hires page, click Open Template

  5. Fix the errors and click Save & Submit button.

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