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TL - Punch Exception Timesheet Entry (Employee & Manager)


A typical employee assigned this type of timesheet is a non-exempt employee with a fixed work schedule. The default schedule has been assigned in HRS and their timesheet auto populates with scheduled IN and OUT punches for each shift worked. Exception time reporters only update their timesheets when their actual hours worked differ from their default schedule.

  • Exception timesheets only need hours added or adjusted if the time worked differs from the default schedule assignment. If no adjustments are made it is not necessary to submit the timesheet; the time will flow through for approval automatically.
  • If there is an auto-lunch set up, in and out punches for the lunch break will not need to be added for lunch as an automatic deduction of time will be taken. If an employee has an auto-lunch set up and lunch punches are also added, the lunch deduction will be taken twice resulting in the employee being underpaid.


1. To access or review the timesheet, refer to TL - Accessing a Timesheet (Employee & Manager).

2. Select the correct time period.

Punch Exception Timesheet Pay Period Info

3. Because this is a punch exception timesheet, it will already be filled in with the employee's assigned schedule.

4. The punch times will only need to be altered if the employee's actual time worked differs from their assigned schedule in HRS.

5. All Absence Requests should be submitted prior to making any changes to or clicking the Submit button on the timesheet.

Punch Exception Timesheet Default Punches

6. If there are any changes to the timesheet, click the Submit button to save the changes.

7. The timesheet has now been submitted. The Reported Time Summary will display the total scheduled hours and any schedule deviation.
Note: If the employee's time worked does not deviate from their schedule, the timesheet does not need to be submitted.

Punch Exception Timesheet Submitted Time


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