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TL - Student Timesheet Entry

This document will outline how a student using a timesheet would log in to HRS and enter their time.

Video: Student Timesheet Entry

Accessing an Employee's Timesheet in HRS

There are two MyUW portals, MyUW Madison and MyUW System, which provide all UW employees access to their Personal, Time and Labor, Absence, Payroll, and Benefit information applications (app).  Each app displays personalized employee information stored in the Human Resources System (HRS), as well as links to HRS-Self Service modules and Help information.

UW-Madison: Employees can access the MyUW Madison portal at using their UW-Madison NETID username and password.  On the MyUW Madison portal, the Timesheet can be accessed through the Time and Absence app.

All UW: Employees can access the MyUW System portal at using their UW Institutional ID username and password.  On the MyUW System portal, the Timesheet can be accessed through the Timsheet link located at the top of the Time and Absence app.

Entering Reported Time on a Student's Timehseet in HRS

1.  After accessing the timesheet via the MyUW Madison or MyUW System portal, the student timesheet will appear. All students using a timesheet will use a Punch Positive timesheet. This means their schedule appears with empty "IN" and "OUT" boxes that must be filled in.

The student must make sure they are entering time for the correct Time Period by adjusting the View By: and Date: fields. 

The four "IN" and "OUT" boxes should be used as follows:
First "IN" - The student should enter the time they first report to their job.
First "OUT" - The student should enter time only if they leave their job for a meal break. End of shift time should never be placed in this field.
Second "IN" - The student would enter time in this field only if they return from a meal break.
Second "OUT" - This field would be filled in with the time the student left their job for the day.

Student timesheet fields

In the below example, the student came to work at 8:00 AM and took a meal break at 12:00 PM. The student returns from the meal break at
12:30 PM and works until 4:30 PM.

Student timesheet full day shift

The next day, the student only works a partial day.  In this case, they would only enter time in the First "IN" and the Last "OUT" boxes.

Student timesheet partial day shift

2.  When clicking on the Submit Submitbutton.png button, the Punch Total and Reported Hours are updated for that day.

Student timesheet submitted

3.  The student does not have to enter a Time Reporting Code unless it is for special work (as instructed by the supervisor).  Students have a limited number of Time Reporting Codes and will only see the ones that apply to them and their job.

Another Example:

In the below example, the student basically has three work shifts in one day between classes.  When entering partial day shifts, rows must be added for the day.  To do this, scroll to the right of the timesheet to Add a Row.

To add rows for the correct date, in this case 2/27, the student would click on the Plus sign box twice to have a total of three rows for the day.

Student timesheet add row

Below you see the student has entered three shifts for the day. 
Student timesheet three partial shifts on one day

If incorrect times are submitted, NEVER use cut or delete to correct the punch. Rather, you must delete the entire row in the timesheet. To delete a row which includes incorrect In or Out times, scroll to the right of the timesheet and choose the minus sign.

Student timesheet delete row

When you receive the Delete Confirmation message, click Yes - Delete.

Student timesheet delete confirmation message

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