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HR - Continuity Status Job Aid

This document contains a list of the Continuity code values and their definitions. In addition, this job aid indicates whether the Expected Job End Date field is required, optional or not allowed.

General Description

Continuity: Section 36.09(1)(e) Wis. Stats., directs the Board of Regents to fix the "term of office" for officers, faculty, academic staff and other employees of the UW System. Continuity, in conjunction with the Appointment Type, captures this information about the expected duration for all jobs. Continuity will be a factor in determining the benefits program and plan eligibility, so its accuracy is critical.

When creating a Position, a Continuity value must be selected.

Note: Student Help employee class has a continuity of NONE.

Under the column titled Expected Job End Date, if "Not Allowed" leave the field blank on job data, if "Required" a date must be entered, and if "Optional" you may leave blank or add a date.  If a date is entered, the effective date of the termination will always be the Expected Job End Date plus one day. 

NOTE: Changes from one Continuity to another on a Position and Job will save, however, changes involving an Empl Class change require a new position.

Click on the link below for a listing of Continuity Codes.


Note: For Continuities that fall under 02A or B benefits may be impacted.  Employees who have a short term duration of job will not be eligible for Benefits nor initial entitlement under absence management.  Employees who have a continuity of 02C and are marked as WRS eligible the initial entitlement and appropriate benefits eligibility should occur automatically.

If an employee's job is extended the continuity may also need to be updated.  For example, an employee is hired for 7 months with an 02B continuity but then is extended for an additional year, the Continuity on Position and Job and the Expected Job End Date on Job will need to be updated at the time of extension.  If the EJED is modified but the Continuity left as 02B initial entitlement will not occur. 

Continuity Changes from 03 to 01

Continuity Changes from "03 - Fixed Renewable" with a guaranteed length noted on the UW Custom tab to a "01-Ongoing" prior to changing the continuity on position the following steps on Job data for the employee should be done.

1. Go to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data, and search by Empl Id and Empl Rcd Nbr.

2. Add an Effective dated job row, sequence 0. The Effective Date should be the same as the effective date that the Position will change from Continuity 03 to 01. 

Note: When the Continuity is updated on the Position, and the update flows to Job Data, this will be a sequence 1 row.

3. Add the Action/Action reason of "Data Change" and "Update Job Security".

4. Go to the UW Custom tab and remove the value in the Guaranteed Length field.

5. Save the Record. 
6. Go to Organizational Development>Position Management>Add/Update Position Info.
7. Add an effective dated row.
8. In the Reason field, select "085 Change Continuity".

9. Update the Continuity field to "01" and save the record.
10. Click on the Budget/Incumbents tab, and click on the Job Data hyperlink to ensure the change to the Continuity field updates on the employee's Job Data record.
11. Click OK. 

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