BN - Adding Events to the BAS Activity Table


The Benefit Administration System (BAS) Activity Table is the temporary holding place for Events that are automatically created when rows are added to an employee's Job Data record, when address changes are made, or when the UW Service Center runs annual processes such as the ICI Annual Process or the Open Enrollment Process. Other events, such as ADM, SAV, and/or UIA Events are manually created by the Benefit Administrator to enroll or make changes to an employee's benefit plan enrollments. This document walks you through adding a manual event to the BAS Activity Table.


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1.  Verify whether an ADM, SAV, or UIA Event already exists for the effective date you need before adding a new Event by navigating to: 

Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment >Events > On Demand Event Maintenance.

2.  Enter the employee's Empl_ID and click the Search button.

On-Demand Event Maintenance

3.  The employee's On Demand Event Maintenance screen will be displayed. 

9.2 Pending

4. If there are no Events pending, click on the Event Status Update button to verify that an ADM Event doesn't already exist in On Demand Event Maintenance with the effective date you need.

Event Status

5.  If no Event currently exists, you will need to manually add that Event to the BAS Activity Table.

6.  Navigate to:  Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > Review BAS Activity.

7.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the icon to add a new row:

BAS Activity Table

8.  Enter the employee's ID number into the Empl ID field.

9.  Today's date will default in the Event Date field.  Change this date to the effective date (Coverage Begin Date) you need for this enrollment.

10.  Enter the type of Event you want to create into the BAS Action field. 

11.  Once you've entered this information, click the Save button to finalize the addition to the BAS Activity table.

9.2 BAS Activity Add Info

12.  The Event will now be Pending on the employee's On Demand Event Maintenance screen.

9.2 Pending 2

For information on how to process Events using On Demand Event Maintenance, please reference: BN - Enrolling, Changing, or Canceling Coverage Using On Demand Event Maintenance .


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