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TL - Lunch Punch


This procedure outlines steps for entering lunch times or for using an auto lunch deduction in the punch timesheet. Punch exception time reporters will have predetermined "auto" lunches or punch lunch times.



  1. Access the timesheet through the MyUW Madison or MyUW Systems portal.

  2. If an employee's schedule includes punch lunch times that need to be adjusted, the entire row will need to be removed and all punches reentered. For example, if the lunch punch schedule is Out 12:00PM and In 12:30PM but the employee took an earlier lunch on Friday, delete the row by clicking the "-" button on the far right of the timesheet. Click submit. Reenter all punches for the day and submit again.


    Timesheet before change to lunch on Friday

    Timesheet before changing lunch

    Timesheet after change to lunch on Friday

    Timesheet after changing lunch


  3. If the day's default schedule does not include punch lunch times, the shift may include an auto lunch deduction. In the timesheet shown below, two things would help you determine there is a 30 minute auto lunch. First, within the shift hours, there are no meal Out/In times. Secondly, the Punch Total each day (8.5) is 0.5 or 30 minutes higher than the Sched Hrs amount of 8.00. You may also determine whether the employee has an auto lunch deduction by checking TL Security.

    TL - Create and Maintain Time and Labor Security

    Auto Lunch

  4. To change the amount of the auto lunch deduction, use Rule Element 2 selections if the employee takes a lunch that is different from the default lunch. For example, an employee's shift includes a 30 minute lunch. However, the employee takes a 45 minute lunch instead of the normal 30 minute lunch.

    Note: If the employee has a work shift that crosses midnight, the updated auto lunch deduction code should go in the Rule Element 2 field on the line that contains the employee's In punch (the beginning of the shift).

  5. Scroll to the right of the timesheet and select the Rule Element 2 to display the search results.

    Rule Element 2

    The following search results are displayed:

     Lookup Rule Element 2

  6. Select "45_LUNCH." When Time Administration processes, the 45_LUNCH will override the defaulting 30 minute lunch and 45 minutes will be deducted from the shift instead of 30 minutes. You can also key in 45_LUNCH on the timesheet without searching if you know the Rule Element 2 value.

  7. If no lunch was taken that day, select "NO LUNCH." The entire shift will then be paid.

    Note: Punch positive employees with P_ZERO_HOURS work schedule may also use Rule Element 2 to designate deductions.


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