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A number of staff perform additional work either by teaching (Summer Session) or by performing research or administrative tasks (Summer Service). Benefit deductions will not occur on these short term jobs. Employees may be rehired into these same positions each summer.

This document addresses 3 scenarios:

  1. Current 9-month academic year employees working summer session/summer service
  2. New fall 9-month employees working summer session/summer service
  3. New hires - summer session/summer service only

This procedure will explain the process for hiring employees for Summer Session (teaching) and/or Summer Service (research or administrative) jobs.

Summer Session and Summer Service Calendar

Employees may work during their short work break from their C- or A-Basis appointment to teach (Summer Session) or perform research/administrative tasks (Summer Service) during the summer months. These summer jobs are separate positions.
(Note: Madison will create new positions each summer through JEMS using the Rehire option.)

Critical Timing for hiring a New Fall C-Basis (First Time Hire) early for Summer Session/Service

Critical information for hiring Summer Session/Service employees only:

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Add/Update Position Info

  1. HRS Navigation: Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info > Add New Value or update last summer's position(s)

  2. Continuity: Must be 02A for Summer Service and Summer Session positions.

  3. Pay Basis: Summer Session (teaching) or Summer Service (performing research/administrative).  Summer Session is charged to the future Fiscal Year.

  4. Standard Hours: Update as appropriate; FTE will default from Standard Hours

  5. Save the Position and make note of the Position Number before exiting the page.

  6. All other required fields on position must be completed/updated as well; see HR - Position Management .


Job Data

  1. HRS Navigation: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Organizational Relationship > New Employment Instance
  2. Effective Date: This date should be the start of the appointment or contract. The dates for the Summer Session or Summer Service should NOT overlap with the Academic Year position.

  3. Action: Select Hire or Rehire

  4. Reason: Original/New Hire or Original/New Hire (Concurrent Job)

  5. Position Number: Enter the position number that was saved earlier; the Department, Location, FTE, and Standard Hours will default from Position

  6. Expected Job End Date (EJED): The Summer job will be automatically terminated with an Effective Date equal to the EJED plus ONE (1) day.
  7. 17300_WorkLocationTab

  8. On the Job Information tab, the Job Code, Empl Class and Pay Basis will default from the Position information.
  9. Click the Compensation tab.

  10. Click the Default Pay Components button. This will default Rate Code, bottom Frequency and other fields.

  11. Rate Code: Verify this is NAANNL (North America Annual).

  12. Comp Rate: Enter the dollar amount of the employee's compensation rate.

  13. Verify that the bottom Frequency field is A (Annual).

  14. Verify or edit the top Frequency. Must be 9M to ensure the monthly salary calculates correctly.

  15. Click the Calculate Compensation button.

  16. Verify that the Compensation Rate (in the top Compensation section) is correct.


  17. Click the UW Custom tab.
    a. Continuity: Defaults from Position information; verify it is 02A.
    b. In the Probation section, update the Probation Type to "Not Required."


  18. Click the UW Benefits tab.

  19. Enter the same values for the summer job as those for the Academic Year job.

    (You may click "New Window" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Enter the Empl ID and review the Academic Year Job's UW Benefits tab).


  20. Click Save.

9.2_Warning_Sign.png   NOTE: Academic Year Employees SHOULD NOT be paid on their Academic Year job during the summer months.

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