TL - Verifying Employees You Are Authorized to Approve Time For


When a manager/supervisor begins working in HRS it is helpful to verify that they see the correct time reporters/employees. This document provides a best practice for the completion of this verification. First time supervisors/managers should be sure that they read the HRS Knowledge Base document that presents directions and expectations for time approval through the MyUW Madison or MyUW Systems portal for more detailed information.


There are two MyUW portals, MyUW Madison and MyUW System, which provide all UW employees access to their Personal, Time and Labor, Absence, Payroll, and Benefit information applications (app).  Each app displays personalized employee information stored in the Human Resources System (HRS), as well as links to HRS-Self Service modules and Help information. 

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Verify that you have the correct time reporters by completing the following steps:

1. To access or review the timesheet, refer to TL - Accessing a Timesheet (Employee & Manager).

2. Select the magnifying glass next to the GroupID field. Search for the proper GroupID (see TL - Employee Search Options).

3. Inspect the Date fields near the bottom of the Approve Payable Time page. Set the Date field so that you are searching within the current week.

4. Select Get Employees.

Time Reporter Group

5. If you don't see the correct employees using this method of verification, please contact the UW Service Center using one of the communication methods listed on the Support home page.


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