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This procedure provides an overview of paylines, what they are used for and how to make payline adjustments. There are slight differences in payline adjustments for active versus inactive employees and it will be important to note the differences as outlined below.


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A payline contains an employee's earnings details in hours and/or dollars that make up the gross pay in an employee's paycheck. Paylines are created during the initial payroll calculation process and are no longer available after the payroll confirms. An employee can have multiple paylines depending upon the different types of pay an employee receives and when the payment was earned. For example, an employee can have one payline for normal salary (job pay) and a second payline for a bonus payment (additional pay). In the example below, both of these paylines will add together to make up the gross pay in an employee's paycheck.

Payroll Payline

Various forms of pay are loaded to the paylines:

A payline adjustment is a direct change to an employee's pay in Payroll rather than making the adjustment in another module and having it flow through to payroll. An adjustment can also be made to deductions, garnishments, or tax amounts for the employee and will be explained in more detail below. Paylines can be edited during preliminary payroll calculations up until the final payroll calculation runs. Any payline adjustments that are made during a payroll calculation job will cause the process to fail. It is important to be cognizant of the timing of payroll calculations so as to not interfere when making payline adjustments.

Scenarios of when a payline adjustment may be needed

Payline adjustments are used for a variety of scenarios. A few examples include:

warning sign  WARNING! If a payline adjustment is made in addition to a change in Time and Labor, Absence Management, and/or Human Resources, it could cause duplicate payments to be made to the employee. Please be sure not to make employee data changes after the payline adjustment has been requested.

What a payroll coordinator needs to do when a payline adjustment is needed

See the instructions below for different scenarios in which a payline adjustment will need to be made:

Help with Additional Pay

Payline requests for payments made on additional pay/lump sum earnings codes will no longer be accepted.  All additional pay/lump sum payments must be entered on the Workflow Addl Pay Create page and go through the workflow approval process.  However, in certain scenarios, you may need Service Center intervention to remove unwanted additional pay directly from the payline.

Time that was entered incorrectly or is paying out incorrectly

Time is entered in to the system after a job termination

To pay out absence balances after a termination - University Staff

To pay out absence balances after a termination - Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointment (FA/AS/LI)

Paying "back pay" for employees on short work break

Miscellaneous adjustments before a payroll calculation

To not have deductions taken out for a specific pay amount

To refund/add/override deductions


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