BN - Retro Benefits Review Process


When an enrollment is entered into HRS, or a job row is entered affecting eligibility for an existing benefit enrollment, and the date for the deduction has already passed, a retro deduction will be created. This document walks a Benefit Administrator through the process of reviewing benefits retro pages.


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1.  Navigate to Payroll for North America → Retroactive Payroll → Benefits/Deductions → Process and Review Requests → Update Retro Ded Calc Results. Enter the employee's ID number (Empl_ID).

2.  Use the drop down menu to select the Retro Ded Process Flag value of Calculated and click the Search button.   All calculated requests should be reviewed for the upcoming payroll.
Retro Search Screen
3.  The results for this employee's calculated Retro Deductions will be displayed. To view all of the retro deductions on a single page, click the View All button. Otherwise, to view each individual retro deduction, click the Next icon.
Update Retro Results

The key fields to review on this page include:

4.  The Benefit Administrator must review all fields for each calculated Benefits Retro request for accuracy.  If there are no changes that need to be made, then no further action needs to be taken - the deduction or refund will take place on the next available payroll check.  However, if a Benefits Administrator realizes that a retro deduction has calculated incorrectly, one of the following steps must be taken:

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