HR - FTE Monitoring Report


This report identifies employees, as of a given date, who have active jobs where the sum of the FTE is greater than 100%. This can create an overload scenario which must be monitored by the UWSS Service Operations and/or Campuses.


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  1. Navigate to UW HR Reports > FTE Monitoring

  2. Enter or create a Run Control ID.  See PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs

  3. In the Process Request Parameter(s) section enter:

    • As of Date

    • Department: enter specific department number or partial + % wildcard.  Leave blank to include all departments.

    • Employee Class: use the checkbox to select all classes or use the Employee Class Pushbutton to select specific Employee Classifications.

    • To select specific/multiple Employee Classification, uncheck the All Values box and click the Employee Class Pushbutton. Check the boxes next to the Empl Classes desired. Press 'OK'.

  4. Once the search parameters are entered, click Run.

    FTE steps 3 and 4

  5. Leave Type and Format as “Web” and “PDF” respectively. Click OK to run the report.

    Screenshot step 5

  6. Use the Process Monitor and View Log/Trace to monitor report.  See PD - Viewing the Process Monitor

  7. In the View Log/Trace window, click the file name to view the report.

    link to pdf file

  8. Sample PDF

    report sample replace


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