TAM - Adding an Applicant Manually into TAM


This process will review the steps for manually creating an applicant, adding or updating their application information and adding or updating the applicant's references (if applicable).


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Search for Existing Applicant

Before creating a new applicant in TAM, first search for an existing applicant record. Ideally, all of the job applications submitted by a single applicant should be attached to one Applicant ID.


  1. HRS Navigation: Recruiting > Search Applications

  2. Enter appropriate search parameters, i.e., First Name and Last Name; click Search

  3. If there are no close matches, proceed to next section, Create Applicant.

  4. If there are matches, click the Applicant’s name on the first result.

  5. Click the Applicant Data tab and compare the displayed data with the information supplied by your applicant.

    1. If you are certain the person is the same (e.g., same address and/or phone and or email address), click the Add Application link in the page header and follow the instructions under the Add Application Details section below, starting at step 3.

    2. If the information does not match or you aren’t certain they are the same person
      1. Click Return two times to review the additional potential matches
      2. If there are no additional potential matches, proceed to the next section, Create Applicant.

Create Applicant

  1. HRS Navigation: Recruiting > Create Applicant.

  2. Enter the applicant's first and last name.  Verify that the applicant type and status code are correct. If entering an internal applicant (current employee at any UW institution), enter the applicant's Empl ID in the Employee ID field. Additional fields to be added are Address, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers.
    Email Address
    is not a required field but is highly recommended for correspondence purposes. If you enter an email address, you must select the Primary checkbox.

  3. After adding the applicant, click Save.


  4. A warning message will appear as a reminder to assign a job opening ID to the application.  Click OK.

  5. After saving, the Applicant ID will populate in the page header and the Applications tab will appear.

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Add Application Details

  1. Click the Applications tab.
    (Disregard this step when adding an application to an existing applicant.)

  2. To enter the applicant's information, click the Edit (pencil) icon.
    (Disregard this step when adding an application to an existing applicant.)

  3. On the Edit Application Details page, add the applicant to a job opening by entering the job ID into the Job Opening ID field or click the Search icon and make the appropriate selection.

  4. The Import Rateable Profile Items button is not used.

  5. If the Job Opening has questionnaires associated with it, a pop-up will appear telling you that a notification will be sent to the applicant, if an email address is available.


  6. To add an additional Job Opening, click Add Job Opening and add an additional job opening ID.
    NOTE: Use extreme caution when adding an additional Job Opening.  This will cause the same application materials to be associated with both job openings.  Thus, making changes to the materials in one job opening will also apply those changes to the other job opening.

  7. Add the applicant's resume by clicking the Add Resume Attachment button and selecting a file to upload.  Alternatively, you can type or paste resume text into the Resume Text section (not recommended).

  8. Additional attachments (i.e., cover letter, transcripts, audio/visual files) can be added by clicking the Add Attachment button.
    NOTE: Application information and attachments can be compiled into one single PDF file for reviewing all at once.  If an attachment has a file type that cannot be converted to PDF, such as a video file or an encrypted PDF file, it will not be included in the compiled PDF document. Additionally, attachments that do not have a file type selected also will NOT be included in the compiled PDF document.

  9. Some additional information that can be added in this page are:
    • Preferences
    • Geographic Preferences
    • Work Experience (currently not used)
    • Education Level
    • Training (currently not used)
    • Areas of Study (currently not used)
    • Degrees
    • School Education
    • Referral Source

  10. When finished updating the applicant's information, click the Save button.

  11. To get back to the main applicant page, click Return.


Add References

  1. If there is a need to add applicant's references, click the References tab.


  2. To send a request to the applicant to enter reference information, click the Request Reference button. This sends a request for references email notification to the applicant with details on how to log in to Candidate Gateway and add their own references.
    The applicant must have a primary email address so that the systemcan send this request.


  3. To manually add a reference, click the Add Reference button.

  4. Ensure all fields that have an asterisk (Date Contacted, Reference Name and Reference Type) are filled in. Additional fields that can be added are Title, Employer, Email Address, Address, Country Code, Contact Phone and Comment.

  5. Press OK when finished.


  6. Repeat steps 3-5 to add additional references.

Eligibility & Identity Tab

warning sign  This tab contains sensitive information and is therefore visible only to Recruiter roles.
  1. Update eligibility and identify information for the applicant.

  2. Click Save when finished.

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