TAM - Hiring an Applicant


The hiring process can begin after the applicant's disposition is set to Offer Accepted. The system sets the applicant's disposition to Ready for Hire when you submit the Hire request, and the HR representative can then finalize the hire using the Manage Hires page.

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  1. Navigate to the Applicant, either through Search Job Opening or Search Applications. See KB TAM - Search for Job Opening or By Application or TAM - Recruiting Home Page, for additional information.

  2. Click Other Actions > Recruiting Actions > Prepare for Hire


  3. Use the Prepare for Hire page to view and enter hiring information and to submit the request to hire.
    • Any job information that can be pulled from the job opening is already prefilled. You can change the values, but either a Job Code or Position Number is required.
    • The applicant's disposition must be Offer Accepted before you can begin Prepare for Hire.

  4. You must enter or edit the following fields:
    • Working Title, must be 30 characters or less
    • Criminal Background Check Date, if applicable
    • Type of Hire - If the correct option is in the drop-down list, then make sure the applicant information is properly set.  Do not submit the request to HR until the applicant information is properly set.  Otherwise, the Manage Hires process may not be able to be used to process the transaction.
      • Hire - used the first time a person is hired into HRS; also used for new Concurrent Jobs/new Employment Instances.
      • Rehire - used if the employee had a break-in-service and a termination row exists in HRS.  The applicant must be indicated as a Former Employee in the Application.  See KB TAM - Modifying an Applicant's Information .
      • Transfer - used when an employee is leaving one job to take a different job with no break-in-service.  The applicant must be indicated as an internal applicant with their Employee ID entered.  See KB TAM - Modifying an Applicant's Information .
    • Start Date


    • The Verify Employee ID functionality can be used to search HRS for a potential existing Employee ID.  However, this ONLY searches HRS.  Also follow the steps at HR - Search for Existing Person in HRS to search HRS and Legacy systems to avoid creating an additional Employee ID for a former employee.

    • The Send Offer Letter to HR check box can be used to send the Job Offer letter (contract letter, appointment letter) to the person completing the hire.  This will ONLY work if a letter was uploaded in the Prepare Job Offer component for the applicant being hired.

  5. Click the Save & Submit Request to HR button. Once this button is selected, a message displays that the hire request was successfully submitted.


  6. Note that the applicant's disposition is now set to Ready to Hire or Ready.

  7. After the hire is completed and saved in HR, TAM will close the Job Opening.  The dispositions of those candidates that were not hired will remain in the status held at the time of the hire.

    9.2 warning sign NOTES:
    • If the Save & Submit Request to HR button is not visible, then the applicant's disposition sequence has not been changed in the correct order. This will prohibit the applicant from being sent to the Manage Hires queue.  This can be changed by manually updating the applicant's dispositions.  The correct order is:
      • Interview
      • Offer (can use the Other Action/Recruiting Action of Prepare Job Offer, or manually change the applicant's disposition)
      • Accepted
      • Prepare for Hire
    • If the Prepare for Hire page is greyed out or unchangeable, then this typically indicates that the hire has already been submitted to HR and cannot be resubmitted.
    • For the Posting of Intent to File a Labor Certification, the configured reject reasons do NOT satisfy US Department of Labor requirements.  Please continue to recreate an acceptable list during the green card process.


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