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HRS TAM - How to Apply for a Job On-line (Internal Applicant/Current UW employee)

Internal applicants that currently work for the UW System (any campus or institution) can apply for jobs posted at their campus or institution via the UW Careers link within employee self-service. Classified positions are currently posted through WiscJobs.

Note: Updates to applicant profile information for current University of Wisconsin Employees should be made by logging into the My UW System Portal at  Go to the Personal Information Section and click on Update My Personal Information. Reference:  HRS HR - eProfile (Employee Self Service) - Change Addresses

How to Apply Online (Internal Applicants/Current UW Employee)

1. Log in to the My UW System Portal at Employees who have access to HRS can log into HRS, then navigate to: Self Service > Recruiting Activities > Careers.


2. Navigate to the UW System Career Opportunities, click UW Careers.                                    

3. The Careers page appears. Since you are a current UW employee, you do not need to register and can begin your job search.You can either view the current job postings by clicking on the Job Search link, clicking on the Search button, or by viewing the latest jobs, listed under the Latest Job Postings section.

4. When using the Job Search, enter the criteria to narrow or broaden your search. Then click the Search button.


5. Click on the Posting Title you'd like to learn more about.


6. To apply for the job posting, click the Apply Now button.


7. Choose the Upload a new resume radial button. And click Continue. Or choose the Type resume text to create a text version of your resume.


8. If you choose Upload a new resume, use the Browse button to find your resume.

9. Change the Resume Title if necessary and click the Continue button.


10. You are brought to the Complete Application pages. Click on the Add Attachment link in the Cover Letters and Attachments section to upload required application materials, such as, transcripts, cover letters, teaching philosophy, etc. *Be sure to upload all required materials to ensure your application is considered complete.


11. Select the Attachment Type from the menu. Enter a description in the Attachment Purpose field.  Click on the Add Attachment link.

12. Use the Browse button to find your attachment.

13. Click the Upload button.


14. Click the Save & Return button to return to the Complete Application screen (if you are finished adding attachments), or the Save & Add More button to continue to add more attachments. *Be sure to upload all required materials to ensure your application is considered complete.


15. You are brought to the Complete Application pages, with the Preferences link active. At this point, you can add the requested information in the Preferences area.


16. Click the link for Online Questionnaire. If this position had screening questions set up, you must answer those in this section.


17. Click the link for References. Add your references to the system by clicking the Add Reference icon/link.

Complete Application - References screen

18. On the Add Reference screen, enter the reference details, and either click the Save & Return button to return to the Complete Application screen (if you are finished adding references), or the Save & Add More button to continue adding references.

Add Reference screen

19. Click the link for How did you find out about the position? This page asks the source of learning about the job opening. Answer these questions.

How did you find out about the position? Screen

20. Once you have filled out the four sections, you can now either Save your application, Submit your application, or Close Application to remove your application from this opening.

Save / Submit / Close Application buttons

21. After submitting your application, you will be brought to the Submit Online Application page. Complete the Request for Confidentiality section and the Terms and Agreements. Once you enter the information, click the Submit button. You can also click Cancel you want to go back and look over your application.  Once the application is submitted, changes can no longer be made.


22. You will see a message asking if all required materials are attached. Click Yes to submit, click No and then Return to Previous Page to make further changes. *Once the application is submitted, changes can no longer be made.

23. After you have submitted, you are brought back to your My Applications page, listing the jobs for which you have applied, or for which you have started the application process.

To verify that your application has been successfully submitted:

1. Check for the "You have successfully submitted your job application" message on the My Applications page. 

2. The job will be listed in the Applications column along with Applied in the Status column in the My Applications section. 

3. You will receive a confirmation email.


Note: Only UW System employees who have been added to the job opening (i.e. hiring manager, search and screen committee chair or interviewers) will have access to seeing resume and applicant materials.

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