HR - Vacant Position Report


This procedure will guide through the steps of running the Vacant Position Report within HRS.

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  1. Navigate to:  UW HR Reports > Vacant Position Report OR Organization Development > Position Management > Position Reports > Vacant Position Report

  2. Enter or create a value for the Run Control ID.  See PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs .
  3. Once the Run Control ID is selected or created, enter the Report Request Parameters.

  4. Once the parameters are entered, click the Run button.
  5. 9.2 report Parameters replace

  6. Leave Type and Format as “Web” and “PDF” respectively. Click OK to run the report.
  7. 9.2 process schedule request replace

  8. Click on the Process Monitor hyperlink to view the status of the report.  See PD - Viewing the Process Monitor .

  9. To view the report output, click on the View Log/Trace hyperlink on the Process Detail screen.

  10. Click on the PDF file under the File List header to view the report output.

  11. 9.2 view log trace replace

  12. Once opened the report output will display like the image below.
  13. 9.2 report output replace


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