PY - Approve/Return/Reject an Off-Cycle Missed Payroll Request


This user procedure provides step by step instructions for approving, rejecting, and returning an off-cycle request to a submitter.

  1. Summer Service/Summer Session
  2. Any other exception that requires a supervisor's approval

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Below are step by step directions to approve/return/reject and off-cycle missed payroll request.

1. When a campus payroll staff member submits a missed payroll request, all of the approvers for the specified campus/division receive an email notifying them of the submission. The email contains the name of the requester, a list of all of the approvers that received the email, and a link to the off-cycle status page.
2. After selecting the link to the Missed Payroll Request Status page, the following criteria exists on this page:
status page

3. Click the Review button for the desired request.

4. You will now see an editable version of the request form. The request status is displayed at the top of the page.

5. You should review the request for accuracy and ensure that the request meets the necessary criteria for issuing an off-cycle check. You can edit any of the information entered into the form just as you would when submitting a new request.
6. At this point, the off-cycle request must either be approved, returned to the original requester for edits, or rejected. There is a button corresponding to each of these three options at the bottom of the page. Click the desired one.
7. Fill out the Optional Approver Feedback text box in which you can enter feedback or notes for the requester. It's important to provide specific reasons for either returning or rejecting a request. Without that information, the requester will have no way of knowing what was wrong with the request or what should be corrected on it.

: Approving the request will cause a WiscIT ticket to be generated at the Service Center. They will then process the request to produce an off-cycle check.
When approving the form, check the box to authorize a complete and thorough review has been performed for the missed payroll request.
A message indicating that the request was successfully approved will appear at the top of the screen. It will contain the WiscIT ticket number that was generated for the request. An email will be sent to the requester indicating that the request was approved.
Return to Original Requester for Edits: You can send the request back to the person that submitted it. The requester can then make any necessary changes and resubmit the request for approval.
A message indicating that the request was returned to the original requester will appear at the top of the screen. You will not be able to edit the request until it has been resubmitted. An email will be sent to the requester indicating that the request was returned.

Navigate to the missed payroll request status page either by clicking the link in the notification email or going directly to
Reject: Rejecting the request will NOT forward it to the Service Center and it cannot be resubmitted.

A message indicating that the request was rejected will appear at the top of the screen. No further changes can be made to the request though it can still be viewed. An email will be sent to the requester indicating that the request was rejected.


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