HR - Add a Person of Interest (POI) Relationship


There may be times when an additional POI relationship should be added to an existing POI. For example, if a POI was created for an Emeritus and now the same individual will also be an interviewer for a TAM recruitment, another POI relationship must be added for this individual.

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  1. Using the main menu, navigate to Workforce Administration> Personal Information> Organizational Relationships> Add a POI Relationship.

  2. Enter (or use the magnifying glass to search) for the POI's Person_ID #.

  3. Enter (or use the magnifying glass to select) the Person of Interest Type for this POI. (For TAM/Recruiting related functions, select Non-UW Interviewer for the Person of Interest Type)

  4. The Effective Date will default to today's date.  Remember to change it if needed.

  5. Click the drop-down arrow for Security Access Type and select DEPARTMENT.

  6. Enter SHARE in the Value 1 field.

  7. Enter a valid, active department for this POI affiliation in the Value 2 field.

  8. Click Save.


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