BN - Running Payline Details Report


The Payline Details Report gives a Benefit Administrator a listing of paylines that have been created for a specific Pay Run ID (pay cycle) to ensure accuracy of the amounts being either deducted or refunded to the employee.


The Payline Details Report is designed to meet multiple needs. All of the fields can be used in combination to get the information needed:

Campus Entry Report - This report is used to view all entries made by all users within one Business Unit.

Employee Details Report - this report is used to view all entries made by all users for one specific employee.
Adjustments Entered by User - This report is used to view all entries for all employees made by a specific user.
Exceptions Report - This report is used to view all entries made by a specific user that are no longer pending but were not loaded to the payline. Note that this report is used to view what has already happened (reactive); there is another report (Upload to PSHUP) that can be run to see what WILL happen so that problems can be resolved in advance (proactive)

You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


1. Navigate to: Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Create and Load Paysheets > UW Payline > UW Payline Reports > Payline Details Report
2. You are brought to the Run Control ID screen. If you have run a report or process through HRS before, enter your Run Control ID value, or click Search (which will automatically load previous Run Control IDs that have been used). However, if you are using a preexisting Run Control ID, then you may need to clear fields that were saved on the page during your last run of this report. If you have not run a report through HRS, click the Add a New Value tab, enter an ID (such as your initials) and click Add.
UW Payline Run Control upd
3. Once all run control information has been entered, click the Run button.

4.  The Process Scheduler Request screen will appear allowing you to further define parameters such as type and format or run with the defaulted values.  Click OK to continue.
9.2 OK
5.  You will be brought back to the initial report run screen. Click the Process Monitor link near the Run button to continue.
UW Payline Process Monitor
6.  Click the Refresh button until Run Status says Success, and Distribution Status says Posted. Once those two values are seen, click the Details link at the end of the row.
9.2 UW Payline Success
7.  On Process Detail page, find the link titled View Log/Trace. Click that link.
8.  On the View Log/Trace page, find the File List section, and in there find the document titled: PAYLINE_DETAILS.xls Click that link.
9.2 report Hyperlink


You may receive messages regarding opening this file into Microsoft Excel. Click Yes to confirm opening the file.

This spreadsheet delivers details of Payline Adjustments requested for this specific pay run. As this is an Excel spreadsheet, the information can be sorted and filtered to refine the information you are looking for. Empl ID - the employee's Empl ID value.


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