PY - Entering an Earnings Payline Adjustment on the UW Payline Adjustment Page


A payline adjustment is a direct change to an employee's pay. Usually a payline adjustment occurs to fix some form of overpayment or underpayment to an employee from a previous pay period. The custom UW Payline Adjustment page allows credentialed end users to enter adjustments to employee earnings (retro pay) or general deductions to correct previous pay period issues. This KB focuses on entering payline adjustments for employee earnings.


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  1. Navigate to Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Create and Load Paysheets > UW Payline > UW Payline Adjustment Page.

    Payline Adjustment Page

  2. You are brought to the UW Payline Adjustment Page screen.  From this point, a search for an existing/previously entered payline adjustment can be done by using the Find an Existing Value tab and entering desired criteria.

  3. To add a brand new payline adjustment, click the Add a New Value tab and enter the requested fields (all fields are required):
    • Pay Run ID - Use the lookup icon or key the Pay Run ID of the payroll on which the payline adjustment will occur.  The system will not allow you to "attach" a payline to a pay run ID that has already been confirmed.
    • Empl ID - Enter the Empl ID of the employee who is receiving the payline adjustment.
    • Empl Record - Enter the empl record number associated with the adjustment.

    Add a New Value

  4. Click the Add button.

  5. You will be taken to the Earnings / General Deductions tab. This tab has two sections: One-time Earning Data where earnings adjustments are made, and One-Time General Deduction data where general deduction adjustments are entered.  This KB focuses on earnings adjustments made in the One-Time Earning Data section.

  6. To complete an earnings payline adjustment, entry in the following fields is required:

    • ErnCD - Enter the earnings code on which the payment should be made.  End users will be able to use only a limited number of earnings codes which are reflective of the type of adjustments that are appropriate to make on this page. 
      • University Staff - HRP
      • Student Help - SRP
      • FAASLI - URP
        • NOTE: Earnings adjustments for hourly employees that affect hours worked/regular pay should NOT be entered on the UW Payline Adjustment Page.  Adjustments to hours worked must be made on the employee's timesheet and will load to the employee's paycheck through the regular Time & Labor processes.
        • NOTE: Payments being made using additional pay/lump sum earnings codes can no longer be entered on the UW Payline Adjustment Page.  These payments must be entered on the Workflow Addl Pay Create page and be approved through the workflow process.
    • Earnings Begin Dt - Enter the begin date of the pay period for which the adjustment is being made.  If the adjustment spans multiple pay periods, it should be broken down into multiple adjustments by pay period. This can be done by clicking the plus sign at the end of the row.
    • Earnings End Dt - Enter the end date of the pay period for which the adjustment is being made.  If the adjustment spans multiple pay periods, it should be broken down into multiple adjustments by pay period. This can be done by clicking the plus sign at the end of the row.
    • Earning Amt - Enter the appropriate dollar value that should be included in the employee's paycheck.  This field accepts both positive and negative values.
    • Root Cause - This field is designed to provide information as to why this payline adjustment is necessary.  Choose an option from the drop down list that best describes the reason for the adjustment.  If the "See Comments" reason is chosen, a free-form comment is required to be entered in the Comments field on the Requestor Details tab. 
    • PSHUP Status - This value will default to "Pending" and will stay as such until the payline adjustment is loaded to the employee's paycheck on Tuesday night of a regular payroll calc week.  End users can make updates, if necessary, to the payline adjustment when it's still in "Pending" status.

  7. Earnings Data

  8. Once all Payline Adjustment rows have been added, click the Save button.

warning sign  A Payline Adjustment that has been created and saved is not loaded to an employee's paycheck until it goes through a validation process to ensure accuracy of the entry.

Payline Page Edits/Errors

The custom payline page has built-in edits that assess the legitimacy of entries made on the page.  Any payline that fails one of the edits will be placed into an error status (in the PSHUP Status field) and will not load to the employee's paycheck unless addressed prior to the Tuesday night load.  The most common error statuses are:


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