BN - Rebuild Primary Job Flag


Primary Job Flags drive benefit eligibility and when benefit deductions are taken. When the Flag is set to a job that the employee is not paid on, deductions will not take from that payroll. The system will automatically assess each JOB row action to determine if the Benefit Flag Assignment is appropriate and will set the Primary Job.

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PROCEDURE STEPS: Rebuild Primary Job Flags

1.  Navigate to HRS > Benefits > Maintain Primary Jobs > UW Custom Rebuild Pri Job Flag.
9.2 Rebuild Run Control

2.  Either enter your Run Control ID and click Search or Click Search and select your Run Control ID 

3.  Enter the Employee ID (EmplID) for the employee whose Primary Job Flags need to be rebuilt.

4.  Enter the Effective Date that you want to rebuild.Check the Rebuild All Future EffDt Row(s) if you wish to rebuild flags for that effective date and all dates forward.  Uncheck the box if you wish to only rebuild flags for that specific date.

Rebuild Flags

5.  Click Run.  This will take you to the Process Scheduler Request page.

6.  In the Process Scheduler Request page, Type should be set to 'Web,' and Format set to 'TXT' and then click OK. This will take you back to the Primary Jobs Maint screen.

9.2 Rebuild OK

7.  From the Primary Job Maint screen, click on the Process Monitor hyperlink.

Rebuild Process Monitor

8.  Your process instance should be listed at the top.  If the Run Status does not say Success and Distribution Status is not Posted, click on Refresh button until the statuses change.

9.2 Rebuild Success

9.  Rebuilding the Primary Job Flags will revert the Job Flags to the following order:
The benefits administrator needs to be aware of this order and go back and change the defaults if needed to reflect the correct values at the correct times. This is done by going back into the Maintain Flags section of Maintain Primary Jobs. As done before, enter the Employee's ID number (EmplID) whose flags were rebuilt.

PROCEDURE STEPS:  Manually Setting Primary Job Flag

In this example, the Primary Job Flag should be assigned to Employee Record (Empl_Rcd) 1, but was reverted to EmplRcd 0. As shown below, the benefits administrator will need to change this to the proper EmplRcd by checking the box next to the correct Primary Job for that date and clicking Save.  The Benefit Administrator should review the flags again after clicking Save to make sure the flags are now set to the proper jobs.

9.2 Review Current Flags

9.2 Switch Flags

9.2 Switch Flags Successful


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