FN - Run Report Showing Employee Funding Becoming Inactive


You can run a PeopleSoft HRS report to list funding rows (from the employee's Funding Data Entry page) where the Project/Grant or funding Department will become inactive over a specified future date range. This information allows you to be proactive if you need to change the employee's Appointment-level funding before it becomes invalid.

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1. From the HRS Main Menu, navigate to: UW Financial Reports > Proj/Dept Inactive Fund Report.

2. Enter or create a Run Control ID, see KB PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs for more information.
proj dept inactive report
3. In the Inactive Fund Rpt tab:
proj dept inactive report parameters

4. Click the Run button.

5. In the Process Scheduler Request screen, to choose an output file format different than the default (PDF), click the drop-down arrow in the Format field, and select from the list of available choices.
Note: The option for CSV (comma separated value) allows you to open the file in an Excel spreadsheet.
6. To run the report, click OK.

9.2 proj dept inactive report process scheduler

7. Use the Process Monitor and View Trace/Log to monitor and view your report, see KB PD - Viewing the Process Monitor for more information

8. Select the the output file format selected in Step 6, click on the file name to view the report results.

 9.2 proj dept inactive report view trace

9. The Employee Funding Becoming Inactive report results open in a new window.  It is sorted by Funding Dept, Employee Name, Empl ID (employee ID), Empl Rcd (employee record number), and Project ID.   A page break occurs with each distinct funding department.
Note: You may need to view personnel-related actions on the employee's Job Data record to complete your analysis.
Note: For instructions, refer to  FN - Add or Change Appointment Level Funding for Employee's Salary Expense .

                                 Screenshot Example of Project Ending for Employees with Appointment Level Funding

10. If Department-level funding will become inactive during the specified date range, a Department-level funding row displays at the end of the alphabetical list of employee names, for each distinct funding department.  It is recommended that Department-level funding use a funding string that will not expire in the next few years.

Note: You will need to change the Department-level funding before the project ends or the funding department closes. For instructions, refer to HRS KnowledgeBase FN - Add or Change Department Level Funding for an Organizational Department .

11.  When finished analyzing the report results, close the window.


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