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This checklist will identify the key Absence Management reports and queries that should be run and reviewed during the biweekly period to process and pay employees correctly. In addition, the document provides other helpful tips and reminders.

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Reference AM - Results by Calendar

When EE moves between departments:

Leave earned by paid hours:


  • When entering AM take, enter true begin and end date of each Absence take, ensuring to exclude the weekend for University Staff employees. FA/AS/LI absences can span the weekend and will calculate correctly.
  • Employees should report Absence time first, then submit time – otherwise, the Payroll Coordinator or Supervisor will be responsible for:
    • Modifying the time later, if needed

Additional Notes:

  • Absence entry is time-sensitive:
    • For Retroactive job changes, Do NOT place an employee on a retroactive LOA until you have contacted the Service Center for assistance.
    • Retroactive Absence entries require the identification of the Absence balance at the original point in time from Results by Calendar page.
      • Entering adjustments off of current balance can create mistakes
      • Unfulfilled balances at the time of the Absence entry can result in LWOP
  • Do not overwrite a take entry by updating the take type
    • Instead, void and enter a new row
    • Avoids erasing previously entered information
    • Allowable to change hours amount, but never the take type or date


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