FN - Funding Checklist and Timelines


This Finance/Funding Checklist and Timelines document identifies: Responsibilities for Payroll Processing Week, Cross-Module Impacts, Funding Considerations, and Fiscal Year End Considerations and Summer Appointments.


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Security Considerations

HRS Security Role Required:

Responsibilities for Payroll Processing Week

Refer to the online UW Payroll Calendar for the current payroll processing schedule.

The following key funding-related queries and/or reports should be run daily after each preliminary payroll calculation, leading to the Payroll Confirmation, to ensure your employees have the desired funding for the current payroll:

Run the Funding Edit Errors Inquiry Report Run the No Appointment Level Funding Report Query

Cross-Module Impacts (HR, Payroll, Finance)

If your institution, division or department has different staff entering HR, Payroll or Finance/Funding information in HRS for employees, it is important to realize the impact these entries may have on other HRS modules.

HR Personnel Actions that Impact the Need to Add Funding for Employee's Salary Expense

Payroll Entry of Additional Pay/Earnings Codes May Impact Funding

Funding Considerations

When adding or changing funding on the Funding Data Entry page in HRS, the funding Effective Date impacts how the employee's salary expense is distributed in HRS.

When adding funding, the Funding Effective Date should be the Effective date of the employee's Hire/Transfer/Change Department/Return from Leave/Rehire date as listed in Job Data.

When changing funding, the Funding Effective Date should be the Pay Period Begin Date of employee's current or future payroll calendar.

Fiscal Year End Considerations and Summer Appointments

At UW, the Fiscal Year begins July 1 and ends June 30.

Note: The UW Service Center, HRS Finance Team runs an automatic process sometime in June to roll over the funding for active employees (including Summer appointments) from the current Fiscal Year to the new Fiscal Year.  



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