TE - WED - Workflow Exception Dashboard


The Workflow Exception Dashboard - WED is a pagelet / portal on the HRS homepage created for approved personnel on campuses and in the Service Center to quickly identify queries with errors that need to be rectified in a timely manner to prevent downstream module impacts.

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1.  Login to HRS.  The WED appears directly to the right of the Main Menu.  Error Queries appear based on your current security and whether there are errors to fix.

WED Main Pagelet
2.  To filter the results of the Error Query list further, options appear below. 
WED Search 1

Module = Cast net by specific functional group queries

Priority = All queries by default are sorted High, Medium, Low

Business Unit = filter by campus>

Dept ID = filter by specific Dept ID (must enter full alpha + six digit code)

DeptID (like) = filter by a partial Dept ID to capture larger net at the division level or multiple departments. 

**Once a Filter is saved by the user, it will remain set until it is changed.  Upon logging in again, the filter will display the last search saved. 

3.  To reset the Filter back to the widest possible result, click Clear.  All Error Query results available to you appear based on your security.


1. On the main WED page, to select a query, click link to open.

2.  Each Error Query page lists several things:
WED Error Summary
WED Search 2
WED Error Claimed By

3.  First click Check to Claim the employee you intend to fix.  Your name and date/time you claimed the error will appear.

4.  To fix an employee, click the 'Link to Correct'.  A new page/window will display.  Follow the instructions in the message section of the Error Summary to fix a person.

5.  Upon successfully fixing the Employee, close the open window and return to List of Error Employees.

6.  Click the Completed check box.  Your name and date/time you completed the error will appear.

7.  Upon successful completion of the Employee's error and nightly updates, the Employee will fall off the list.


1. Note in the EmplID column in the Error Summary Detail, there are IDs that are hyper linked.  This denotes that the Employee has multiple errors.

2.  Click the link to detail the multiple errors for one Employee.

Multiple Errors

3.  Here, you have the option to claim / complete / fix  'all' multiple errors for one individual.

Multiple Errors 2

Multiple Errors 3

4. Click the Error ID link to return to to Error Query Summary/Detail. 


1.  Click Home link to return to the main WED page
WED Home
2.  Click Return to Dashboard link (available on main page and Error Summary page page) to return to the main WED page
Return to Dashboard
3.  The following conditions may create "Page no Longer Available" or similar errors:
WED Error Pop Up

This may occur when working the Error Query Summary / Detail page.  If you click to claim an Employee and received the following pop-up, click OK and then click the Refresh button.  This can occur if someone else has already claimed the same employee.


1.  To customize the layout / sorting of columns in each Error Query Summary/Detail display, click the Customize link.


2.  Highlighting the column names and using the arrows (boxed in red) allow you to reorder and sort your available queries.

Personalize 2

3.  Click the Preview button to, preview your selections.

4.  Click OK to save your settings and return to the main page to review.


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