AM - FA/AS/LI ("Unclassified") Leave Report


The FA/AS/LI Leave Report is system generated at the end of each month and sent out to the employee's portal. The report is filled out by the employee to report their time for that month. The report can be run ad hoc in case that the employees are unable to access their portal, or if there is some error on the report (for example: missing details for the ALRA eligibility).

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  1. Navigate to UW Absence Management Reports > Unclassified Leave Report

    Navigation to Report

  2. If you have never created a Run Control ID:

    • Click Add a New Value and enter a run control ID (this can be your initials, name, or any other identifier you choose) and click Add button.

    Add New Run Control ID

  3. If you have created a Run Control ID:

    • Either enter your Run Control ID and click Search or
    • Click Search and select your Run Control ID

    Find Exiting Run Control ID

  4. Enter parameters for the FA/AS/LI Leave Report. Then click "RUN" to proceed.

    Report Request Parameters:

    • Calendar ID: The Calendar Group ID would generate a report only for the specified pay period. You can search and select the calendar ID by clicking on the
    • Pay Group: Select the pay group far which the report is to be run. You can search and select the pay group by clicking on the icon.png  icon.
    • Department: Enter the details for running the report at a department level. You can search and select the department by clicking on the  icon.png  icon.
    • Hard Copy (Madison Only):This option is available only for the Madison campus. Check the box if you want a copy of the report with the employee's campus address printed on the back so it can be sent through campus mail.
    • Process from Employee List: This feature allows for the report to be run for specific employees only and not the whole department. Check the box and then enter the employee ID in the box. If the Empl ID is not known then it can be searched by clicking on the  Icon.png  icon.

    Report Parameters

  5. On the Process Scheduler Request page, make sure the check box is selected. Then click OK. You will return back to the original screen.

    Process Scheduler Request

  6. Click on the Process Monitor link to view the status of your report. This directs you to the Process List screen.

    Process Monitor Link

  7. On this screen, look for your process instance and click "Details" when Run Status reads "Success" and Distribution Status reads "Posted". Click the Refresh button until it is successfully posted.

    Run Status Details

  8. On Process Details screen, click on the View Log/Trace hyperlink to check the output file.

    Log Trace Link

  9. Locate the File List and find the PDF file to view the FA/AS/LI leave report.

    PDF Link

  10. The following is a Blank sample of the PDF version of "FAASLI Leave Report" for reference.

    PDF Leave Report

  11. The report generated can be saved on a local computer or it can also be retrieved from the HRS at a later time.

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