BN - WED - Age 70 Report


This query will identify employees who are currently age 70 or will be turning age 70 in the upcoming 30 days, who are enrolled in State Group Life and/or Income Continuation Insurance so that Benefit Administrators can counsel the employees in advance to help them understand how their benefits and premiums will change and make the necessary changes in HRS.


You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:

  1. Log into HRS and click on the UW_BN_AGE_70 query hyperlink in the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED).

  2. WED Dashboard

  3. Click the 'check to Claim' checkbox next to the person you wish to work with and your name will appear in the Claimed By section with the date and time noted.

  4. Claimed By

  5. Open a new Window by clicking the hyperlink in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page.

  6. WED New Window
  7. In the new window, navigate to Workforce Administration, Personal Information, Modify a Person, enter the Employee's Empl_ID, and click Enter.

  8. Obtain the Date of Birth from this screen.

    • Changes in State Group Life will occur first of the month in which an employee reaches age 70.
    • Income Continuation Insurance will end the First of the month following the month in which the employee reaches age 70.

  9. Navigate to Benefits > Review Employee Benefits > Current Benefit Summary for a list of all Benefit Plans the employee is currently enrolled in.

    • Note in this example, the employee is enrolled in State Group Life, Supplemental, and Income Continuation Insurance.

    Benefit Summary

  10. State Group Life Insurance rates are based on a formula that uses an Annual Base Benefit Rate (ABBR).  To review the employee's current State Group Life ABBR, navigate to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Review ABBR's and enter the Empl_ID for the employee.

    • When an employee reaches age 70, a new 'SGL7' Annual Base Benefit Rate type must be entered to ensure the employee will be charged the correct rates for State Group Life Basic coverage.  The amount should be set to 50% of the current 'SGL' ABBR amount.

    Review ABBRs

  11. To add an SGL7 ABBR, navigate to the Update Annual Benefit Base Rate page: Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Update ABBR's
    • Enter an ABBR type of SGL7, then tab to the Effective Date field.

    • Enter a date equal to the first of the month, prior to the month the employee reached age 70, then tab to the ABBR Rate field. (This is the deduction date, which is taken one month early.)

    • Enter a dollar amount (with no comma) equal to 50% of their current State Group Life amount and Save. (Please note: employees must have an ABBR set up on each active Empl_Rcd.)

    Update ABBRs

  12. Now that the employee has an SGL ABBR set up, you will need to add an ADM Event (or multiple if the employee is in ICI) to make changes to their enrollments.

  13. Once you have added your ADM Event(s), return to the WED by closing this window or clicking on the Home key located in the upper right hand side of your screen.

  14. WED Home

  15. Click the Link to Correct hyperlink (BAS_ON_DEM_EM) next to the employee you wish to make changes for.

  16. Link to Correct

    • A new window will automatically open for you with the employee's On Demand Event Maintenance screen.

    On Demand

  17. Process the ADM Event following KB:  BN - Enrolling, Changing, or Canceling Coverage Using On Demand Event Maintenance .
    • Current elections will usually default into any ADM Event; however, it is critical to ensure that ALL elections that are reflected in this Event are correct for the Effective Date you are using.  If enrollments are done out of sequence (i.e. back-dated), the ADM Event may not always pick up the correct data.
    • Enter an Enrollment Code of "Cancel Coverage," a Reason of "Age 70," and enter the first of the month in which the employee turns age 70 as the App Received by date unless the employee has provided you with an enrollment form to make changes to their SGL Additional coverage.
    • Change SGL Basic Option Code to the SGL Age 70 Option Code.  Enter "WAV" as the Option Code to cancel the SGL Supplemental and SGL Spouse/Dependent plan

  18. Repeat this process with the ADM Event effective first of the month following age 70 if the employee was enrolled in ICI.

  19. Navigate to the employee’s Base Benefit Pages to confirm that all changes have been made:  Benefits > Enroll in Benefits > Life and AD/D Benefits > Enter the employee’s Empl_ID and Enter.  Examples of the State Group Life Basic enrollment and the ICI enrollments are shown below.
  20. SGL Plan Change

    ICI Plan Change

  21. Navigate back to the WED page by clicking on the “Home” link at the top right of your screen:

  22. WED Home

  23. Mark the error “Completed” on the WED page:
completed by
  • Once the error has been fixed, the employee will fall off the WED report the next business day.

Benefit Administrators should send an Age 70 Notice to the employee regarding the changes.  Below is a sample letter for your use.

Subject: Age 70 Notice
Our records indicate that you are enrolled in the State Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and/or the Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) and are now or will soon be turning age 70. There are changes to the SGLI and ICI plans’ coverage when an employee reaches age 70.
State Group Life Insurance

The State Group Life Insurance plan has the following adjustments effective the first of the month turning Age 70:
  • Basic Unit (1x annual salary) - The Basic coverage premium is discontinued and the coverage continues at an amount reduced by 50%
  • Supplemental Unit (1x annual salary) -Any Supplemental coverage will terminate.
  • Spouse and Dependent coverage ($5,000/$10,000 or $10,000/$20,000) - Any spouse and dependent coverage will terminate on the date the employee turns 70.
  • Additional Unit(s) (1x, 2x, or 3x annual salary) - Any Additional coverage will automatically continue until you voluntarily cancel the coverage, stop paying premiums, or terminate employment – whichever occurs first.
Income Continuation Insurance

The Income Continuation Insurance coverage terminates on the date the employee turns age 70.  The effective date for cancelling the insurance premium is the first of the month following age 70 and premium deductions are discontinued. 
If you have any questions, please contact our benefits office at [enter your contact information here].


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