BN - ICI Notification Process


This document lays out the activities for the notification process that takes place after the Service Center sends out emails to the Benefits Administrators and UW Employees with respect to ICI eligibility.


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1. Institutions will receive two emails from the UW Service Center for the ICI Notification Process. The initial email is an advanced copy of the email notification that goes out to the employee. 

2. A few days after the email is sent to the institutions, employees currently eligible to participate in the ICI Deferred Enrollment Period will receive an email (approximately mid-January) from the UW Service Center informing them of their opportunity to participate. Employees will be directed to their "institution benefits office" for any questions they may have and to submit their ICI application.  (Please note:  this will be a general email and will not be customized to reference each individual or institution benefits office.)

3. The Benefits Administrator will then complete a "second round" of mailing hard copies of the personalized web page to individuals identified in #2 above.

4. Institution Benefit Administrators will be able to view the employee's personalized ICI web page by navigating to the Administration page:, click on the Lookup Tool tab, entering their employee's Empl_ID, and clicking the Submit button.

9.2 ICI Update Notices


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