BN - Processing an ICI Event for Deferred Enrollment


This document will take you through the process of entering the enrollments for employees who applied for Deferred Income Continuation Insurance into HRS.


You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:

1. Navigate to: Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On-Demand Event Maintenance

2. Enter the employee's Empl ID (or other search criteria to find them) and click Search.

3. An ICI Event will be Scheduled / Prepared for you.  Click the Election Entry button to enter or change the employee's enrollment. 
Election Entry Upd.
4. The Option Election screen for this employee will appear, with their current enrollments listed. Enter the following information: 

Note: If any of these three fields are not completed, the Event will not process.

5. After entering the Enrollment Code, Enrollment Reason and App Received, click the Apply Enrollment Defaults button.

9.2 Enroll Code Reason
6. Enter the ICI enrollment information from the application by clicking the Option Code icon. (Refer to BN - Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid)  Choose the appropriate Enrollment Plan based on the employee's Empl_Class:
9.2 Option Code

7. Once you have made your changes, scroll to the bottom and click Save.

8. On the On-Demand screen, click the Finalize/Apply Defaults button and then the Validate/Finalize button.

9.2 Validate Finalize

9. You will receive a pop-up message notifying you that the process has been completed successfully. Click OK.

10. If you have a FA/AS/LI C-Basis employee, you will need to manually add this person to the Prepay Deduction Review page to ensure deductions are taken for the summer months. Refer to BN - Deduction Prepay Process (Part I: Deduct money for insurance in anticipation of a Leave) .


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