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This KB will provide an overview about how to change WiscIT customers' email addresses. Customers may request that email be delivered to a specific email address. Customers can also inquire about an issue with their current email address settings if a customer is encountering WiscIT email communication issues.

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All WiscIT/Cherwell customer email addresses are imported from the Person Hub at DoIT. Cherwell makes a request to the Person Hub which then pulls in data from Institutional Data Systems. The system asks for all email addresses and WiscIT imports the following:

In WiscIT, a process runs each evening that checks to see if a user has a business email address and:

-  If yes, we set emails to deliver to that address
-  If no, we will send to their email addresses on file

If you have access to HRS, go into the Modify a Person module and look up the employee. The business email address is almost always the default email address that will be imported to WiscIT. Be sure that the Business Email address is correct prior to proceeding with submitting a ticket for change.

9.2 Email Address Picture

If the business email address is found to be incorrect, please contact an HR representative and request that the email address be changed. If you have the ability to change the email address in HRS, please confirm the change with the employee and make the change yourself.

Users can make a request to have WiscIT send email to a specific address and the WiscIT Team will disable the sync with the Person Hub directory. To make this request, send a WiscIT case/ticket to the WiscIT Team or email wiscit@doit.wisc.edu and a ticket will be created and delivered to the WiscIT Team.


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