BN - WED - State Group Life Missing/Incorrect ABBR Report


State Group Life Insurance requires an Annual Benefit Base Rate (ABBR) for the payroll process to accurately calculate the insurance premiums to charge each payroll. This report will return a list of employees with an ABBR of less than $1,000 OR those missing an ABBR for State Group Life Insurance. Benefit Administrators need to review the employee's job and compensation data and update or add an ABBR accordingly.



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1.   Log into HRS.  The Workflow Exception Dashboard queries will appear based on your current security and whether there is an error to fix.

2.  Click on the hyperlink for the UW_BN_SGL_ABBR query.


3.  A current list of employees who are missing an SGL ABBR or who have an ABBR of less than $1,000 will be displayed. This list will be refreshed each evening.  (Note:  Empl_ID's that appear as hyperlinks in the list have more than one error.  This often occurs if the employee has a missing or incorrect ICI ABBR as well as the SGL error.)

4.  Click the Check to Claim checkbox next to the employee you wish to work on.  Your name will appear in the Claimed By section with the date and time noted.

9.2 SGL Claimed By

5.  Click the BN_ANNL_BENEF_BASE hyperlink for the employee you have claimed.  

9.2 Link to Correct

6.  The employee's Update ABBR page will be displayed.  Click on the magnifying glass icon to select the ABBR type of SGL or SGL7 depending on whether your employee is under or over age 70.

9.2 Choose ABBR type

7.  To ensure that the correct ABBR is entered, you will need to navigate to the employee's JOB Data pages to obtain the date they became eligible for SGL and their annual salary.  Click the "New Window" hyperlink in the top right corner of your screen to open a second window to obtain this data.

9.2 New Window

8.  Navigate to Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data and enter the employee's Empl_ID and click Search.

9.  On the Work Location Tab verify the employee's SGL eligibility date.  In our example, the employee became eligible for WRS as of the Date of Hire. 

10.  Click on the Compensation tab to obtain the employee's estimated annual salary.  The salary amount needs to be rounded up to the next highest $1000.  (i.e. For an annual salary of $35,360, the ABBR amount is $36,000.  For an example of multiple jobs, Empl Rcd 0 salary of $14,300 and a Empl Rcd 1 salary of $14,500 are added together and then rounded up to the nearest thousand to become $29,000.)

11.  To add the employee's ABBR, click back on your Update ABBR window, or navigate to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Update ABBRs

12.  Enter SGL or SGL7 in the Annual Benefit Base Rate Type field depending on the age of the employee.  The Effective Date used must be equal to or prior to the deduction effective date of their State Group Life enrollment.  In our example, we are adding an ABBR Type of "SGL," an Effective Date of "9/8/2016" and an ABBR amount of "36,000".  (Please note:  do not use dollar signs when entering an ABBR.  The system will add it when you save.)  When all information has been added, click the Save button to save the record.

9.2 Add an ABBR

13.  To verify that you now have the correct SGL ABBR entered into the system, navigate back to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Review ABBRs.  Enter the employee's ID number in the Empl_ID field and click Search.  You should see the ABBR listed with the correct Base Rate Type, Effective Date, and Amount.

ABBR Verified

14.  Navigate back to the WED and click the Completed checkbox next to the employee's record you have fixed.  Your name will appear in the Completed By section with the date and time noted.  The employee's record will fall off the WED the next business day.

9.2 Completed By

15.  Employees must be set up with both an SGL and an ICI ABBR.  Be sure to add both ABBR types for each active Employee Record.


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