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HRS is set up with Plan Types and Benefit Plan codes that are used by Benefit Administrators when enrolling and reviewing employee benefits. A Plan Type is a 2-character identifier for an overall classification of Benefit Plans, while the Benefit Plan is the individual option within the Plan Type an eligible employee can choose.


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 Category  Numbering Sequence
 Health (State Group Health, Supplemental Dental, Vision, and Preventive Dental)
 10 - 14, 1D
 Accident Plan, Life Insurance, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (SGL, I&F, UW Employees Inc., UIA, and AD&D)
 2A, 2I - 2V
 Disability (Income Continuation Insurance)
 3Y - 3Z
 Savings (Tax Sheltered Annuities [403b plans] and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation)
 42, 49, 4L - 4S, 4U - 4Z
 Leave (Paid Time Off)
 Flexible Spending Accounts, Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts
 60 - 61, 67
 Retirement (Wisconsin Retirement System, Federal Thrift)
 7V - 7Z
 Simple Benefit (Benefits Billing, and NSF Fee)
 AX - AZ
 General (e.g. Deduction Pre-Pays)


The Payroll Deduction Schedule for employees paid on a biweekly schedule is shown below.  Craftworker employees pay 100% of their State Group Health insurance premiums.  As a result, their health insurance deductions are split between the B and A payrolls each month to spread out the cost.  Monthly paid employees have all payroll deductions taken on their monthly payroll check. 

 A Payroll
 B Payroll
 C Payroll
 Wisconsin Retirement System
 Wisconsin Retirement System  Wisconsin Retirement System
 Flexible Spending Account
 Flexible Spending Account  
 Health Savings Account
 Health Savings Account  
 Tax Sheltered Annuity
 Tax Sheltered Annuity Tax Sheltered Annuity
 Wisconsin Deferred Compensation
 Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Wisconsin Deferred Compensation
 State Group Health
  State Group Life - Basic, Supplemental, Additional, Spouse & Dependent
 Supplemental Dental
 Preventative Dental
 VSP Vision Insurance Plan
 Individual & Family Life - Employee, Spouse/DP, Child(ren)
 Income Continuation Insurance
 UW Employee's Inc.
 Accident Insurance
 General Deductions
 General Deductions General Deductions

Deduction codes are prioritized in the payroll so certain deductions are taken before others.  The lower the number, the higher the priority for the deduction to be taken.  Priority is as follows:
If there is insufficient pay to cover an insurance premium, the deduction will go into Arrears, and the Payroll will then move on to the next deduction in the prioritized list.  There are a few plans listed above that are not subject to arrears.  For more information on arrears, reference:  BN - Reviewing Arrears Balances .

There are numerous Benefit Plans for each Plan Type.  Please reference the following two spreadsheets for more details:
PlanTypeBenefitPlanCodes2020.xlsx  - This spreadsheet provides Plan Type codes, Plan Type descriptions, Benefit Plan codes, Benefit Plan descriptions along with references on when Plan Types and Benefit Plans were added or removed by year.

 PlanTypeBenefitPlanDeductionCodes2020.xlsx - This spreadsheet is similar to the above mentioned spreadsheet except it includes Deduction codes, Deduction description, and Deduction Priority by year.


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