BN - UW FSA/LPFSA Qualifying Event Process


This business process outlines the procedure for making a change to an employee's FSA election during a qualifying event.


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UW FSA/LPFSA Qualifying Event Process


1. Receive FSA Change in Election form within 30 days of a qualifying event.

2. Review the Qualifying Event Matrix to determine if the qualifying event is valid. Request additional information from employee if you need more information to determine validity.

3. Confirm that the "Revised Annual Election" is an ANNUAL amount, not per pay period amount.

4. Enter the FSA Enrollment/Change into HRS by end of day Tuesday for inclusion in the Wednesday file that the Service Center sends to the FSA/HSA vendor to ensure employee will be enrolled in a timely manner.

9.2 Enrollment
5. Based on the request from the employee, please check the appropriate enrollment reason box on the form.

6. File the form in the employee's benefits file.

Note: Employee(s) cannot change their annual election to an amount that is less than the amount they've already contributed.
  • If an employee decreases their annual election to be equal to what they've already contributed, they will be allowed to incur expenses up to the new, reduced annual election amount through the end of the plan year.
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