BN - TASC-UW Transfer To a New State Agency


This procedure outlines the steps to take when an employee is transferring to another State Agency from the UW.


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1. Employee gives notice to the UW that they are transferring to another State Agency.

2. The UW Pay and Benefit Administrator fills out the Personnel Transfer Record (PTR) and TASC Transfer Form. 

a. For "Effective Date of the Change":  Enter the employee's transfer date (the hire effective date at new State Agency).

b. For "First Payroll Affected by Change":  Enter employee's first pay date at the new State Agency. 

c. For "Payroll Center Transferring To":  Enter the new Payroll Center.

    • Note: The Payroll Center is not necessarily the name of the State Agency.  If the State Agency falls under "Central Payroll," please enter: "Central Payroll" and not the individual State Agency name.  (see attached Payroll Center listing below).

d. For "Total Amount Contributed To Date" make sure you add in any "pending" contributions for payrolls that have calculated but not confirmed.

3. Send the completed TASC Transfer Form to TASC via email to

4. Email a copy to the new State Agency contact. 

5. Place original transfer form in employee's personnel file.

6.  The employee's enrollments will automatically be canceled by the HRS system when the termination due to transfer Event is Finalized.


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